Hello world!

Welcome to The Arnprior News hosted by WordPress.com. Arnprior is a smallish, independent town in Eastern Ontario, Canada, just outside the Ottawa city limits.

This is our first post. It sortof came with the ‘Blog’. But it begged to be edited. Consider this to be in “Beta” testing stages.

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Registering here is relatively painless and easy. But if you post anything that does not meet our standards, your article or comments will disappear and you will have a rough time re-gaining the privilege of posting and/or commenting on anything within these pages.

We hold ourselves to high Professional Standards. We expect anyone who wants to post anything here to live up to those standards. One of these days we might find the time to post a list or outline of what those standards are.

For now, welcome. Look around. We are writing this for you. We hope we can give you something to think about, or value.

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  1. dreamcatweaver | Reply

    Hello hello world. This is my world saying hello back.

  2. Hello, this is a new blog.To keep spam to a minimum, you must be registered to comment on anything you read here. Full details on how easy it is to register will be posted in a “page” entitled “How to Register” (to post or comment on what you read here).
    Thanks you. [The Editor]

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