Daily Archives: February 18th, 2010

Gas Prices on the Rise for the Weekend?

-Thursday, 18 February, 2010; Around Noon:

A couple changes after a fairly stable couple of weeks:

Gas Prices in Arnprior, Ontario, Canada:

Full Service:

  • Stinson (+ Car Wash, Madawaska Blvd, near PJ’s) 93.5 / litre
  • McEwen (+ ethanol, Madawaska Blvd)  92.9

Self Serve:

  • Ultramar (Madawaska Blvd) 91.7
  • Canadian Tire (Daniel Street) 95.9
  • Petro Canada (Beckers/Macs, Daniel St) 91.9
  • Mr Gas (Daniel Street) 91.7

(Didn’t get south of the highway  to check there.

If Canadian Tire price went up, others will most likely follow before tomorrow.)