Gasoline Prices in Arnprior

-Thursday, 25 February, 2010:


2:oo pm:

  • Canadian Tire:  96.7
  • Mr Gas : 96.9

(remember: There is no oil shortage. Planets produce oil all the time. it is not a limited resource dependent on rotting dinosaur carcasses. Jupiter’s moons have oil (scientists can tell with spectral analysis.) (sp?)


As of Midnight:

Full Service:

  • Stinson (Car Wash, Madawaska Blvd) 97.5
  • McEwen (Ethanol) 97.2

Self Service:

  • Ultramar (Madawaska Blvd) 94.5
  • Canadian tire (Daniel Street) 94.5
  • Mr Gas (Daniel Street) 94.5
  • Petro Canada (Daniel Street) 94.7
  • Ultramar (Truck Stop, South of the 417) 94.5
  • Stinson (White Lake Rd, south of 417) 94.5

(Prices have adjusted themselves into line with other stations since yesterday.)


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