Heavy Wet Snow

Friday, 26 February, 2010:

I believe we got about 15-20 cm of heavy wet snow yesterday, the bulk of it falling in the evening.

After the snow plows

McLachlin Street, looking toward Elgin St. About 10:00 am.

It wasn’t pretty, it still isn’t.

Elgin Street was a little better than the side roads.

I might have gotten a more spectacular photo earlier, when the heavy trucks were doing their thing.

It’s about +2˚C at 11:00 am, and is a lot more sloppy and wet than anything else.


3 responses

  1. After the month we’ve had down here, it’s nice to see you get snow when we in Virginia Beach don’t. Nice to be able to see familiar places (even if there’s sloppy white stuff on the ground).

  2. -Good to hear from you. & My nephews who’d lived in Vermont moved to Richmond when my sister remarried. Any snow that fell melted by noon. They were miserable. Now they’re in Alaska. (be careful what you wish for?)

  3. You know, when it was falling and sticking to the trees and the wires, it was truly beautiful. But you’re right, by morning with people just trying to drive, it was yucky.

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