Gasoline Price Changes

-02 March, 2010; Midnight:

Self Service Stations:

  • Canadian Tire: Daniel Street: 95.7 ¢ per litre.
  • Ultramar: Madawaska Bkvd: 95.7 ¢.
  • Mr Gas: (2 pm-ish) 95.7 ¢

(only changes seen so far. Most other stations at 96.7 / 96.9 for Petro Canada & McEwen / 97.5 Stinson Car Wash.)

Remember there never has been an honest gas shortage, & froom what we know now, there never will be one. People are discovering abundant pockets of oil beneath their Texas property, Oil companies swoop in, get them to sign exclusive contracts. Oil wells are dug, capped and left “Until it makes sense for us to bring it in and distill it.


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