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More on Preparations for the Prince and the Prior event

Lady in Green and White

Young Woman in Green

Lady in Pink

Young Woman in Pink

Two more women getting ready for their part in re-enacting the Prince of Wales 1860 visit to Arnprior.


Prince and the Prior Preparations

Lady in Lilac at Rehearsal

A Lady in a Lilac dress at Prince and the Prior Rehearsal

Because it rained earlier, a lot of people who might have otherwise shown up in their gowns for the dress rehearsal came in ‘civilian clothes’. The person above is ‘animating’ the part of the wife of ‘council person number one’.

Several Animators Attending Rehearsal

'Animators' attending 'Semi-Dress Rehearsal' are Given Direction.

Here, more of the ‘Animators’ are given direction and told where they will be during the actual re-enactment.

(More to come)