Elections coming.

So far, I think we have 3 announced candidates for Mayor and at least 3 for Reeve. I think I read that there are nine candidates for the five Town Counselor positions.

I don’t think I should endorse anybody. I should try to be fair. If I say anything about anybody, I should make sure there is equal time for all the others, and all that.


2 responses

  1. UN Agenda 21 – Coming to a Neighborhood near You

    It’s not by accident gas prices are such an issue. It is the means by which The Globalists will bring us to our knees. In short Agenda 21 will see ALL land under the control off them-UN, with people crammed into a “Brave new world” of cities similar to Mexico city pop. 30 million where when someone coughs and all are infected. Motorized vehicles will not exist, and Smart meters are just the tip of the iceberg of control. Can you spell hell on earth ?

  2. It’s all over but the crying:

    Arnprior New Council…..64.6% voted
    Mayor – Dave Reid 1,576 (Jim Silye 1,355)
    Reeve – Walter Stack
    Councillors – Lyle Anderson, Lynn Grinstead, Dan Lynch, Ted Strike, Mark Willmer

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