Gas Prices Have Risen Again, so what else is new?

But we knew that was coming, right?

Most stations are at 111.9¢ per liter. The car wash on Madawaska Blvd was actualy the cheapest gas in town for one day.

One possibly odd thing is that the Mr Gas is now an ESSO Station and the Petro Canada Station (Mac’s) is now Shell. (I heard that Shell and Macs stores formed a sweetheart alliance.)

The crime is: Oil companies have created false shortages and there really is no good reason why gasoline should cost any more than 25¢ per liter.  -ack? maybe we should just let the idiots shoot themselves in the feet?


One response

  1. Renfrew Gas prices have been steady for 3 weeks at $1.08 since ours hit $1.11

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