Yes, Elections Happened.

Arnprior had the biggest voter turnout in the Province of Ontario.  (And thank you, Sean, for giving the results in your reply to the “Elections Coming” article.)

64.6% of eligible voters voted.

One town councillor and the Reeve were the only two incumbents to return (out of 7). Ex Mayor Terry Gibeau lost his bid to become a Councillor (he said he wanted to work on the loose ends left over from the last 4 years) by 9 votes.

There was a controversy over the Town Clerk’s call to extend voting 24 hours when ‘Intellivote’ nearly imploded with the volume of people trying to vote at the figurative last minute (I think, if you try to call something “Smart” ((as in smart meters)) or hint at a product being intelligent- That should be a giant red flag to everybody who might use that product to stay the he(ck) away and spend their money more wisely somewhere else. Smart meters have been used by electric companies in Texas to turn down the amount of electricity flowing into apartments, thus turning off air conditioners on a 100˚F + day (over 40˚C) which resulted in the deaths of senior citizens who were not able to get out of those apartments as the temperature soared way above 110˚F/45˚C. I haven’t heard of the utility companies that do stuff like that being charged with murder, YET! )

Other municipalities, facing the same problem had extended their deadline by one hour. Arnprior extended the deadline by 24 hours in an attempt to be as fair as possible. There was some local grumbling, but most of the feedback from ‘experts’ said Arnprior did the right thing.

ah well, I should climb down from the soap box and get on with things….


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