Arnprior Winter overnight parking


Has anyone in your new council considered why Arnprior parking restrictions regarding snow removal are vastly different to that of  most major cities in that they only require “no parking “ in the event of at least 7 cm of forecasted Snow…

Winter overnight parking regulations Ottawa area

….in effect throughout the city from November 15 to April 1, permitting the City to clear the way for you. This means that you cannot park on City streets between 1 a.m. and 7 a.m. when a snow accumulation of 7 cm or more is forecast by Environment Canada in the Ottawa area. This includes any forecast for a range of snow of more than 7 cm, for example 5 to 10 cm…
People are being unreasonably ticketed when no snow/removal is forecast.(the spirit of the law?) In many areas of town, (Townhouses) there is very limited parking normally, but when visitors are here there is a scramble to find adequate space. Would it be that difficult to amend this antiquity of a bygone era.
Thank you

From: DAVID Reid

Thank you for your e-mail. The Town is setting up a special advisory committee to review all our Policies, Procedures and By-Laws. I have forwarded your email to the Clerk & Chair of the Committee, for their consideration.



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Cell:     613.229.0578

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  1. Yeah- and there is nothing posted anywhere, no “no parking” signs or anything. & I don’t just ‘pay attention’ to town council stuff, I record every meeting that’s televised on tvcogeco channel 22. & I was completely blindsided when I had to do some work in the middle of the night one tuesday (put out the trash, which is only collected every two weeks, and had to try to upload a couple of video clips to the company website- clips which were being suddenly rejected without a user friendly error message) and when I came outside there was a $30.00 ticket and the word ‘Photo’ on the ticket, (( Are photos legal as evidence in court? In the U.S. they haven’t been for years, and now they’re way too easy to monkey with in photo shop.))

    Come to the town council meeting every 2nd and 4th Monday at 6:30 pm and stand up at the microphone and let them know what’s on your mind.

    1. I have been receiving tickets for 3 years and have never paid one.(Don’t pay it!) My source tells me they can’t enforce the fine because they do not have a “collections” deal with the province whereby they get a cut, nor can they suspend your license. (discussions are under way to alter this) As far as cameras, I have no ideas regarding that.
      I am taking the soft approach to council right now testing Reid’s resolve to listen to the people and make “change” happen. (The first 100 days they talk about in the US)

  2. & hey- If you do come to the council meeting, identify yourself as a reporter for “The Arnprior News”- Do you want to have Maureen email you the agendae? (agendas?)

    1. The agenda would be good to have as I miss the Cogeco broadcasts.Perhaps we should post it ourselves since WE are the news.
      We need to find a way to spread the word about “The Arnprior News”. (List on Google somehow?) I feel like we’re shooting blanks here at times. My original search for it only showed the local newspapers.
      I will email you privately regarding ideas.

  3. -It is supposedly listed with google and all the other engines. the way google works things you might have to weed through three hundred pages to find it.

  4. —I just did a search through startpage and we came up first- with two stars (out of how many? don’t have a clue-) There were two paid ads at the top of the page, before the real results.
    — And… I just did another search, using the same startpage dot com search engine, there were three paid ads at the top:
    (1) get Arnprior News find Arnprior News (
    (2) Ottawa News (
    (3) Ontario Newspapers (

    And for real results:
    1) EDF EN Canada Announces 23.4 MW Arnprior Solar Project – Green Energy News (two stars)
    2) CBC News – Credit (two stars)
    3) Ontario Canada Newspapers : Newspapers from Ontario Canada : Ontario News (two stars)
    4) Arnprior and District Memorial Hospital (one star)
    5) Coyotes Prey | (one star)
    6) – Metroland Media Group Ltd (one star)
    7) Newspaper in Arnprior, Canada – List of Online Newspapers from Arnprior – (one star) ((( clicked and the only listing is the Arnprior Chronicle Guide and that is 12 lines down, overpowered by several larger type ads and a photo of the front page of the East Ottawa Star from October 30, 2009.)))

    8 ) The Arnprior News \ The News you can trust (one star) ((and it shows the first line from Wednesday (Groundhog Day) and the caption from the photo.))

    —Yeah, listings in search engines are weird.

  5. I tried to set up a business with Google through another company, (That’s another story of a rabbit hole) and the main trick with both is “Adsense” and “Adwords”. Notice how yours appeared when the word “Arnprior” was in it, so no matter how boring or repetitious we should always put it in the heading? Just a thought.
    I’m going to plough through WordPress help where I read about “increasing your coverage”.

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