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Rookies hit the Prior.

Rookies hit the Prior.

Blackwater/Haliburton training Canadian cops, AND soldiers!

A little rumor from a reliable source:
If you’ve been out and about in the Prior in the past year and usually late evening you may notice more police activity than we were previously used to. Reason being whereas in the past “Rookies” were posted to the ‘Frew they are now being posted here and they are gung-ho to collect taxes (in the form of tickets) for daddy McGuinty.
It is further rumored that Blackwater/Haliburton (the US mercenary outfit seen on YouTube shooting ‘em up in Iraq and run by Dick Chaney, ex VP) is now training Canadian cops. (Is that why they have the hand on the gun approach? It happened to me for a taillight out, I kid you not!)
http://cantontruth.blogspot.com/2008/03/blackwater-training-us-police.html Check out # 35. Ottawa-Carleton, Canada Police.
AND soldiers!
…”Select Canadian soldiers have been sent to Blackwater U.S.A. in North Carolina for specialized training in bodyguard and shooting skills. Other soldiers have taken counterterrorism evasive-driving courses with the private military company now at the center of an investigation into the killings of Iraqi civilians and mounting concerns about the aggressive tactics of its workers in the field.”…
You only appreciate “oldtimer cops” when they are gone. Happy retirement Cont. Gudgeon who gave me a few breaks in my day.

Worth listening:
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