CIA plane crash lands with four tons of coke

Bound for glory

“We’ve all heard the rumors that the CIA are the reason that the United States/Canada is awash with cocaine…. is it time to connect the dots now that one of their planes has crash landed with four tons of coke in it?”….

So the Arnprior OPP posted a blurb in the Guide stating “Report drug dealers”. Well shouldn’t we be seeking out the kingpins in Govt. namely the CIA! The most famous example of Govt. involvement  in drugs (British) was the Opium war in China in the 1800’s. So on the heels of that here’s extreme example of Govt. gone awry:

CIA Plane Crashes in Mexico

Seventeen months after an American-registered DC9 airliner was busted with 5.5 tons of cocaine, a major international scandal is brewing over a second drug trafficking incident in Mexico’s Yucatan involving an American-registered jet owned by a  dummy front company of the kind usually associated with the CIA.

A weekend visit to “Donna Blue Aircraft Inc” of Coconut Beach FL.,  the company which FAA records show owned the Gulfstream II business jet (N987SA) which crash-landed with 3.7 tons of cocaine aboard in Mexico’s Yucatan two weeks ago, has revealed that the company’s listed address is an empty office suite with a blank sign out front.

There was no sign of Donna Blue Aircraft, Inc., at the address listed at the Florida Dept. of Corporations, 4811 Lyons Technology Parkway #8 in Coconut Beach FL. …….

However, there were, oddly enough,  a half-dozen unmarked police cars parked directly in front of the empty suite.

It seems that one of the planes logged on this list of “CIA Prison Planes” has been in a little accident – It crash landed in Mexico after running out of Jet fuel en route to the US. The authorities were more than a little surprised when they found four tons, yes you heard me right, four tons of cocaine on board.

The men flying the plane have disappeared – including one woman, the CIA refuses to comment, and the mainstream press don’t want to touch the story

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  1. Well I guess we know who America’s TOP Drug Dealers are-(CIA)The Criminal Intelligence Agency.

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  3. a five year old story.

    1. Leslee Waggener | Reply

      Most people have a lot of catching up to do, though.

  4. I’m sure its still happening to this day, every day.

  5. Joshua Kricker | Reply

    The CIA used to run smack out of the Iron Triangle at the height of the Vietnam War they owned a company called Air America at the time.

  6. They,ll be y i saw a video clip of a US marine talking in Afghanistan with a poppy field behind him and saying they are there to help the locals grow the poppys because its part of there heritage…..funny how the poppy yeilds oppium which is turned in HEROIN….and it seems funny how since the ivasion of afghanistan the production and export of HEROIN has risen ten fold……i no that if there was a drug dealer outside everyhouse in my street and the street was foldded with police the problem would be eradicated……..fishy buisness goings on….its a shame many people cant see this

  7. Or, if street drugs like marihuana, opium, herion, cocaine were decriminalized and allowed to be sold and taxed there would be huge decrease in organized crime. However, those at the top of the piramid would lose, i.e. any organization, including the CIA, who benefits from the illegal trade would lose huge sums of money by making it a controlled substance like alcohol. Legal to buy, with restrictions on age, etc.

  8. the offcial CIA | Reply

    Candy makes you dandy!

    1. But china is fine-ah!

  9. […] fonte: Diciassette dopo mesi che un DC9  era stato fermato con 5,5 tonnellate di cocaina , un altro scandalo internazionale di grande rilievo si sta preparando per un secondo incidente il traffico di droga in Yucatan (Messico) che coinvolge un jet  americano registrato e  di proprietà di una società di copertura fittizia del genere di solito associata alla CIA. (NdA l’autore crede che avvenga uno scandalo, scommettete che questa notizia sparira’ come al solito nel nulla finendo nel silenzio e nel disinteresse dei prinicipali media internazionali? Altro che scandalo!) […]

  10. if its still up see this is an old story they have been running huge drugs to prop up stock market and killing honest dea guys who got on to them for a long time

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  12. CIA- Cocaine International Air

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  16. Make the drugs legal, let the government run it, then no one would make a profit.

  17. why pple dnt understand tht cia is controlled by ths stupid society

  18. cia transport cocain thats the fact

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    This story is from 2011, but if you think things are different now….you’re wrong.

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    the CIA is responsible for the drug wars?

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    I could not have written a better article. All but to say that in the paper today there is a 38 year old man in Camden NJ . Reported to be a drug dealing “Blood”. For selling what compared to this story is a minimal amount of cocaine to an undercover agent……anyone else see the irony behind that?….. Anyway…… This man faces 40 years in prison and or 2 MILLION DOLLARS IN FINES !!!! Well how nice that no one attached to the CIA drug smuggling was even found. The CIA of course won’t comment, and inside the US we are not only receiving all the destruction of drugs but the war on drugs by government that the government itself PROVIDES!!!! Time for trials of treason. Time to build the gallows. I will gladly volunteer and I do NOT need a black mask!

  22. Wow! This is the reasoning behind America’s Heroin Epidemic attacking young adults!

    1. douglasotterson | Reply

      -One of our other reporters here, Jim, worked at a trucking company in Bridgeport, CT, USA- where one of the most intelligent and well informed mechanics he ever met found 3 bricks of heroin on top of his duffel bag when he came home from Vietnam. The Mechanic called the FBI. The FBI came to his home, took a look and told him to take a vacation until further notice while they staked the place out. A couple weeks later they contacted him and told him they caught their man, a CIA guy who missed the plane in Hawaii and followed his leads to Connecticut- Of Course this never made the local news, or any news before this mention here.

      -Pres. Bill Clinton’s Friend who ‘Committed Suicide’ while Bill was in office, supposedly told the wrong person he was going to blow the lid off the Mena, Arkansas airport connection to the Iran Contra deals. Cocaine came in to Mena from their guys in Central America, was off loaded for distribution around the USA – Guns and ammo for the Contras was loaded on to the planes there for shipment back toward Nicaragua. -Medical examiners had to lie to stay alive when they reported that it was possible for the pistol used in the ‘suicide’ to end up where it did.

      -Another thing to look into is Sonny Bono’s death. He was supposedly about to blow the whistle on some not so nice US agents. Look through the archives at Coast to Coast am, do a search on Sonny Bono’s death.


      1. Wow! That’s incredible! The hidden lies in America many are unaware of is very alarming! Thank you for your insight. We all must speak the truth to protect all American Citizens from hidden corruption!

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