Wow, Local Politix Aside- Loads of Traffic lately

+ At 2:23 pm 25 April, 2012 (47˚F/8˚C and overcast in Arnprior with a good chance of rain…)

After months of zero activity here, we’ve had 3,206 hits so far today, 1,465 yesterday and 693 on Monday. And no- it has nothing to do with local politics. (Even if 6 of 10 members of the town council were wearing Sens jerseys to support the Ottawa Senators in their bid to close out the first round of Stanley Cup playoffs on Monday…) It’s over a comment that somebody made and somebody else challenged about an American C.I.A. airplane going down with 4 tonnes of cocaine aboard.

All Politics is local and all news is universal?

Our psychic friends tell us that anybody trying to keep explosive (political or ‘other’) secrets will be ‘outed’ by history and public awareness as everybody seems to be waking up and pulling the wool away from their eyes.

If the big bad string pullers tighten their hold on the truth, well, like Princess Leia told Darth Vader and Governor whatsisname, -“The tighter you clench your fist, the more the truth will slip through your fingers…”- or something like that.


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