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So Prescott Bush (Father of George Bush the 1st) Helped put Hitler in Power to Bust Unions?

6:20 am Thursday, 03 May. 2012. 11˚C /52˚F @ the Ottawa Airport.

 Webster Tarpley  , researching the Bush Family’s connections with the C.I.A. and  dirty tricks around the world, discovered that Prescott Bush was a share holder in a Nazi bank and was also a partner in a move by bankers to install Adolf Hitler in Germany because they wanted Hitler to bust Unions and drive down the standard of living for the people the banks wanted to control and manipulate? (( Do not take my word for this, click on the link above or here : (  http://tarpley.net/ ) read his stuff and check his research. ))

& Along those lines:

“Banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies.” –Thomas Jefferson.

The American Revolution was fought as much against Brittish Banking institutions as anything else. The colonies which later became the U.S.A. had their own currency system in place and were doing okay with that, until the British banking system lobbied and received a mandate that the colonies pay their taxes to Britain in British Bank notes. British Bank Notes were very hard to get in the colonies and this rule meant that taxes were inflated astronomically. (The U.S. fought accepting the British model of banking for nearly 200 years, until the Federal Reserve System was instituted in the nineteen twenties or thirties.) ((The British also fought against that economic model, in which the banks held the power over the government, until William of Orange came to power.))

When I told a friend about Webster Tarpley’s research, she asked, “So who’s behind the little Hitler who’s in charge of Canada these days and who is also going after Unions and destroying the middle class?” Umm, well isn’t Harper modeling himself after the U.S. Conservative Republicans? I mean, we can’t exactly credit this guy with having a lot of creative imagination, can we? ((“Do Conservatives worship the great thinkers of the past because they can’t think of anything for themselves?” —quick, tell me who said that. & win a free subscription to this free web site for life. 😉 ))

So where are we now? About to repeat what???

—wish us luck, and stop believing what you see on network news.