Our 15 Minutes of Fame?

—8:18 am, Saturday, May 5th, 2012 : 6˚C / 44˚F at the Ottawa Airport.

Stats for the last couple weeks:

Apr 21 =    04    Apr 22 =   02     Apr 23 =   693     Apr 24 = 1,465     Apr 25 = 6,353    Apr 26 = 1,863     Apr 27 = 2,008     Apr 28 =   905     Apr 29 = 1,039     Apr 30 =   426     May 01 =    214     May 02 =    176     May 03 =    123     May 04 =    76     May 05 @ 8  am =    10.

…..Interesting? The huge flurry of interest began with somebody searching for and finding a story on a C.I.A. plane crash in which it was discovered that there were 4 tonnes of cocaine aboard the C.I.A. airplane.

—I think one of the first comments was, “This is a four year old story-”

A couple comments later somebody said, “Yeah, but we still need to know this stuff.”

—Nobody really cares that the Arnprior, Ontario, Canada Town Council is quietly passing laws that basically poop on the rights of Arnprior Residents and make it legal for them to extort ‘tax’ money and “legal fees” from residents whose crimes include not having enough money to pave their driveways/laneways or taking care of a sick relative’s cat when they already own the legal limit of two cats. Or that the mayor will tell you with a grin that the by-law he doesn’t like has just expired with no such time limit having been applied and no motion or vote to repeal or amend the by-law in question.

—And this is just a case of a local ‘government’ following the lead of the federal ‘government’.

—Quote the Eagles, “Call something Paradise- Kiss it Goodbye-”

—Welcome to Paradise, Please check your rights and liberties at the gate- While you empty your wallet into that gold lined led vault guarded by those nice policemen in riot gear with their machine guns pointed at your heads.-


One response

  1. LOL, you’re right, the Eagles song says it all concerning the political atmosphere these days.

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