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G.M.O. Horror Stories — Part One.

Thursday, 23 May, 2013. 13˚C & raining off and on today in this neck of the woods.

Personally, I began noticing symptoms like IBS, chronic fatigue, food sensitivities and aggravated allergies in 1987. I think I just read that Genetically Modified Organisms entered our store-bought food in 1986. At first I figured it was due to stress generated from the toxic atmosphere where I had worked prior to 1987. Maybe not—

We started hearing about Monsanto back then- the grocer to the world was supposedly on a crusade to feed the world. The more we look into Monsanto the more we realize that their food, their seeds, their research, their unspoken mission (at least they don’t speak about this in public) = The stuff they’re forcing into the food chain is hurting production (their seeds are producing less per acre than seeds that were not modified / were not tampered with / were not manipulated on the molecular level.) Beyond the production issues, there is a rising mountain of evidence that Genetically Modified Food is making people and animals sick, shortening our life spans, destroying our quality of life and probably causing or at least increasing the high suicide rate in Indian (as in: Asian subcontinent) Cotton Farmers, and driving South American farmers into bankruptcy, extreme poverty and starvation. Spokesmonsters like Bill Gates smile at the camera and say “This is the way to better feed the world.” But they have been overheard (and recorded) saying, “We need to reduce the world’s population by at least one third.

Farmers noticed that cattle fed genetically modified corn and other GMO feeds were a lot less healthy than the same cattle fed non-GMO feeds. Autopsies on dead animals showed weakened intestinal walls. Animals slaughtered to feed us hungry humans had a much higher chance to have their intestines burst, releasing ecoli bacteria and causing the kind of food related sickness and death we’ve seen too much of in the past couple decades.

The farmers who stopped using GMO feeds saw immediate improvement in their livestock’s health.

In Canada- when GMO crops were chased out of the Western Provinces, Monsanto began a high powered, much moneyed campaign to convince legislatures in the Eastern Provinces that their crops were a really good and ‘natural’ alternative to crops that have been doing fine for centuries, if not millenniae.

In the USA, Monsanto lobbyists have convinced the government to label Genetically Modified Food additives as “Natural Flavorings”.

Go to YouTube and look up and then watch “The World according to Monsanto”

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And come back soon for more GMO Horror Stories (Bwa hahahahahahaha!)

————— Jim