Daily Archives: July 23rd, 2014

We’ve Moved, and changed the Title of this Blog to Reflect a Broader Perspective (?)

Wednesday, 23 July, 2014. -( Severe Storm Warnings up in Atlantic Canada )-

We probably should have changed the title of this blog before we did. Originally, Two of our founding ‘reporters’ / administrators lived in Arnprior, Ontario.

They Moved out of Province last September, and have been really busy with ‘Real World Stuff’. Noting that gas prices are just as crazy everywhere in Canada, and wonderful new neighbours were as worried about G.M.O. foods and Chem-Trails in the sky (“I don’t feel so weird when a 70 year old who’s acted like I’ve been his best friend since kindergarten looks up in the sky and says, ‘There were weird patterns of jet trails last Friday, then we had all that rain, and everybody I know has been sick since Sunday, really sick- What the heck do you think they’re doing?’.”) in their ‘new’ Province as they are back in Arnprior. Maybe more so-

So now, instead of “The Arnprior News”, We are “Independent Canadian News”.

Let us know what you’re thinking- and feeling- and if you’ve got anything to smile about, we can use a bit of optimism now and then… (like, maybe, every day?).


———The Editor——