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Friday Morning, August 1st, 2014 – CBC Morning Headlines

Friday, August 1st, 2014. -( 65°F / 18°C & Clear @ 9:15 am in Ithaca, New York )-
((I’m posting this in three places, here, on my own “Radio Free Earth News” and at “Inter World News” – so forgive me for explaining stuff that you might already know. –  I’m a ‘USAtian’ [US citizen and resident] who likes reading and listening to Canadian (((and British, BBC, and Radio Netherlands— and–))) news to see what the ‘free world’ press is reporting these days and how they’re reporting it. ))
((& I guess I’m pretty much committed to trying to pop these headlines from the CBC up here every morning, or pretty much every morning, until further notice.))
Plastic surgeon’s ‘fat-shaming’ muffin top billboard vandalized  { Somebody crossed over “Friends don’t let friends Muffin Top” and scrawled/painted “You’re Beautiful!” in purple paint and drew squiggles over what might be the name of the Plastic Surgeons firm. }
Should Costco be selling Christmas goods in July?   { “Marketing professor links early Christmas shopping to American ownership of big box stores”  In Canada, if you opened two coffee shops fairly close to each other, served identical products with the same ingredients in both and called one “Great American Donut Shop” and the other “Canada’s Best Donuts & Coffee”, my bet is the ‘Great American-‘ branded place would go bankrupt in no time flat. }
5 vintage fire trucks up for sale in Calgary
Oyster shucking world record attempted at festival
Ottawa man faces nearly 200 international cyberbullying charges { A 42 year old man faces charges including identity fraud, defamation and criminal harassment which he allegedly aimed at 38 people in Canada, the U.S. and U.K }
“Most Viewed”
Burlington Skyway crash: What you need to know   { The Skyway is an elevated stretch of a limited access highway above Burlington, Ontario. It’s a lot like the turnpike in New Jersey. A “Large Truck” crashed into and damaged the skyway. If you go to the web site you might find out whether the truck was on the Skyway or hit one of the supports. }
Burlington Skyway crash: Driver charged with impaired driving
Mountie who played ‘Mr Big’  upset with Nelson Hart decision   { The Canadian Supreme Court put limits on a practice that would be seen as entrapment down here in the U.S. The case they heard involved a man who allegedly murdered his two daughters and the photos of the two cute little girls were all over media articles. Apparently, the mounty (“RCMP Officer”)  who acted the part of the crime boss (and got the alleged perpetrator to brag about his alleged crime in order for the perpetrator to secure a lucrative position inside the fictitious crime family) believed he had done what needed to be done to protect law abiding citizens from criminals and other monsters. }
Why Republicans suing Obama is a good thing for Democrats   { “Democrats believe their base is energized by lawsuit and impeachment threat” —It’s fun to see what Canadians really think about U.S. politics. I’m surprised they let the media get away with calling citizens of the U.S. “Americans”, Canada is part of America, ya know- Canadian weather maps acknowledge the fact that there might be something besides a plain grey nothingness south of their borders. Are we really too smug to realize we’re making ‘arses’ of ourselves? }
B.C. chief Ron Giesbrecht’s $1M pay ‘very troubling’, minister’s office says   { The Chief of the Kwikwetiem First Nation (we call them ‘Native Americans’ does anybody ask them what they call themselves?) was paid “$914,219.” last year. The ‘very troubling’ statement came from the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development’s office. This is a cabinet level appointment (We call them Secretaries of whatever, Canadians call them Ministers of whatever.) The current Prime Minister and just about all of his appointees have the same party line and philosophy that believes it is perfectly correct to seize the property of a laid off worker who can’t pay his taxes (& whose 25 years with a company ((that closed down their Canadian operation and moved to some country where unions don’t stand a chance and virtual slavery in ‘employment’ is encouraged))– left him without a job and without a prayer for any kind of compensation, sometimes even without a pension ((although Canadians can get an ‘Old Age Pension’, supplemented income— for now anyway— unless the Conservatives get their way))- ), but they won’t touch corporations who thumb their noses at regulations and owe thousands of times more money in unpaid taxes and fees. }
Gaza conflict: Israeli soldier reportedly captured as ceasefire unravels
Crystal Palace closure leaves some tourists ‘pretty mad’   { The Crystal Palace Amusement Park is in Dieppe, New Brunswick. The “Cadillac Fairview Corporation” wants to open one of its “Bass Pro Shops” either on the site of the Amusement Park or beside it. The Amusement Park is scheduled to close down on September 1st. The Ramada Inn Crystal Palace Hotel and Convention Centre and the McGinnis Landing Restaurant are scheduled to close down on October 31st. The rides from the Amusement Park “have been aquired by the Maritime Fun group of companies, which includes Magic Mountain Waterpark and will soon have a new Moncton (NB) home.” (((—Sounds like it’s greedy bad guys vs innocent kids who want to go on having fun and guess who wins? But in all honesty, I do not know the whole story behind this. ))) }
Perseid meteor shower: Watch now to beat supermoon’s brightness  { Radio Station WPKN FM in Bridgeport, Connecticut (<— Link ) has had a volunteer programmer (the uninformed would probably call him a ‘deejay’) who has for years has dedicated part of his Friday evening program to a a segment he calls “The Skies Of Bridgeport” – When a friend who was originally from the Bridgeport area ‘turned me on’ to this program I learned how to pronouce “Perseid” properly (( persie-id )) & it’s nice to know a ‘supermoon’ event is coming. 🙂 }
Why Argentina’s default feels like American bullying: Don Pittis    { This article has the subtitle: “Why did courts side with hedge funds that bought up bonds supposedly restructured in 2001?” —I believe I heard something on Coast to Coast am last night that sounded like one extraordinary ‘Psychic’ believes that the ‘banksters’ are about to be blindsided out of their perceived victorious grip on the world’s resources. }
“Other” / “More Headlines”
Canada Post thefts halt Lens Rentals Canada service   { The ‘current government’ ((regime?)) in Canada wants to dismantle Canada Post (their postal service) the same way the conservative Republicans in the US would like to dismantle the US Postal Service and sell off the rights to deliver mail and parcels to ‘Private Business Interests’. [ Remember that the definition of a Fascist Government is one that is in bed with Corporate Powers ((a.k.a. : “Banksters”)) ]  So I’m a bit suspicious here…. Lens Rentals Canada is a company that rents high-end camera lenses and other equipment to photographers across the country. Several of its packages that had been mailed through the Canada Post were apparently stolen out of a Canada Post facility in Mississauga, Ontario, ((In the western reaches of the ‘Greater Toronto Area’)). Lens Rental Canada has stopped taking orders and is shipping stuff that has already been ordered through Purolator, which is ‘majority owned by Canada Post’ but does not share any aspects of the Canada Post delivery network. }
HitchBOT takes a ‘botnap’ in Toronto during cross-Canada trek   { “HitchBot” is a cutesy creation that looks like a cross between the robot on “Lost in Space” and a muppet. A subtitle in the article says, “Experiment looks at the interaction between people and technology”  Farther down inside the article we read: “A talking robot hithiking its way across Canada is taking a rest in Toronto.” You can follow this experiment through twitter (( @hitchBOT )) }
Sanctions against Russia in phase 3, but is Vladimir Putin listening?  
Pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine discovering pros and cons of social media in war
Uganda anti-gay law invalidated by constitutional court
“Exclusive” \ Canada to clinch trade deal with EU in September
‘A keen patriotic desire’: Why Canadian media embraced censorship during WWI  {  “Ideas”, a long running conversational and interview program on CBC radio one, which airs at 9 pm Eastern Time weekdays recently aired a series about the rise of propaganda and censorship and traced both back to World War One efforts to control the news that was reaching the public at large by using the media as a propaganda agency/arm of the government.
American aid worker with Ebola to be brought to U.S. for treatment  
(( & There is a slide show: )) = “Taiwan city rocked by gas explosions“
“Must Watch”  ((Videos waiting for web site visitor activation))
Dog stuck in wall   { “Firefighters, police and the Arizona Human Society work to free ‘Chip’ the dog” — Looks like a two tone brown, six month old puppy (my guess) got his head stuck through a ventilation type decorative cement block in an outside wall of mostly solid cement blocks. It has a happy looking ending. }
Double wingsuit jump  
Bavarian crop circle   { An aerial shot of a 75 meter geometric pattern that appeared in a farmer’s field next to the largest interplanetary monitoring station in Germany. }
Moncton puts final touches on FIFA U20 Women’s World Cup
Soldiers with PTSD waiting up to 6 months for help  { I do believe I know Viet Nam veterans down here who would have loved to wait only 6 months for help with issues they came home with. But- maybe it’s hopeful that somebody somewhere is taking PTSD and the nightmares of returning Armed Forces people seriously. There has been an epidemic of suicides among returning soldiers in Canada as well as the USA. In Canada, many veterans have allegedly been separated from service just before they would become eligible for extended years of benefits. }
2 in hospital after domestic trailer park dispute  
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