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We’ve got a very interesting new subscriber

Monday, 18 August, 2014.

We received notification that ‘consumer2savlives‘ <— Link<<< is following us. This site is so interesting I’m going to see if we can get permission to repost most of what is posted there.

Here’s a sample – on their blog  : Americas Big Pharma Chemistry Project

Or this one:  Eugenics Theory – Male Sterilization

Or: Women of America Health Alert by CABIRI and Hooman Noorchashm MD, PHD


CBC News Healines – 18 August, 2014

Monday, 18 August, 2014.  -( 61°F / 16°C & cloudy @ 9:30 am near Ithaca, NY, USA )-

{ & again, these are not links. If you want to read these stories, listen to sound clips, or see any video -if there is any video- go to CBC dot CA/news. —Thanks. ———djo——— }


“Lead Stories”

Missouri governor sends National Guard to Ferguson to restore order   {   }

Julian Assange says health has suffered while in London embassy   { How about all the good people in this world pray for a healing for this guy? —> This is how it seems to me: He stuck his neck out, thinking he was doing something morally right and the C.I.A., NSA and other alphabet soup ice-holes saw to it that he was framed for an immoral act ? }

WikiLeaks founder says he’ll leave embassy in London soon   {  }

TSB says Grand Manan, N.B. air ambulance crash a mystery   { Grand Manan is an Island off the southern coast of New Brunswick }

burned up railroad cars and vehicle.

This was the scene last July when the ‘deadly derailment’ at Lac-Megantic killed 47 people, many of them in a pub enjoying the summer evening.


Regulatory gaps partly to blame for Lac-Mégantic: CCPA   { ‘CCPA = Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, which is a group that is calling for an independent public inquiry into the accident that killed 47 people in the centre of town when the train derailed and burst into flames. The CCPA doesn’t believe the Transportation Safetry Board will go far enough to expose government regulatory failures. }

Intruder’s note left atop 5 or 6 knives at Trudeau home   {  Now that’s creepy. I should put a poll in here: How many people think this is political dirty tricks? }

Private autopsy finds Michael Brown shot 6 times: NYT   { NYT, I suppose that means New York Times, not the Monty Python Knights who go “Nyt!” [wink] }

Dying Sierra Leone doctor never told Ebola drug was at his bedside   {  }

Analysis- Harper’s latest northern tour: Is government’s approach to ‘the great treasure house’ failing?   { Harper’s trying to win votes without appearing to campaign for them? I bet that’s not what he meant when he said something about ‘transparency in government’. }




Montreal resident a magnet for Russian mail   {  }


Derek Jeter's Likeness in a cornfield

Nobody’s claiming this might be a crop circle that was put there by aliens.

Derek Jeter’s head profiled in New Jersey corn maze   { Somebody went to a lot of trouble to do this.  }

Messy summer festivals in Japan   { Rain and floods messed up the area. }



“Most Viewed”

Rolf Buchholz, man with horn implants and 400 piercings, denied entry to Dubai   {  }

Drone video shows stubborness, severity of Goodridge Street fire   { Goodridge Street is in Saint John’s, Newfoundland. They have a video of a ‘Snorkle’ type fire engine at work trying to put the fire out. }

Second Union Station subway platform opens today    {  }

{ Everything else in this category relisted from “Lead Stories” }




Analysis – Year of record recalls: how concerned should car drivers be?   {  }

Updated –  Iraq forces say they’ve retaken Mosul Dam, but militants deny claim   {  }

5-day Gaza ceasefire ends tonight between Israelis and Palestinians   {  }

Quarantine creates ‘plaque villages’ in Ebola epicentre   {  }

Ukraine claims rebels fire on civilian convoy   {  }

OPP did not have ‘leading role’ in CBSA immigration arrests   {  }

Video – 911 call service often includes access to interpreters   {  }

180 dead as floods wash away homes in Nepal, India   {  }

– Blog – Teacher’s online campaign raises $40K to feed hungry kids in Ferguson   {  }

A hitch hiking robot?

This is ‘HitchBot’s face.

HitchBot completes 6,000 kn cross-Canada trip   {  }

Strange looking armored lizards

Indian pangolins -From India- this is one of the species that are being killed or smuggled out of India.

Indian poachers threaten lesser-known animals   {  }

{ &  Somewhere: I saw a blurb about a 6.2 earthquake in southern Iran }



“Local” / “New Brunswick”

Grand Manan mayor says plane crash victims will be missed   { Grand Manan is an island off the southern coast of New Brunswick }

Grand Manan plane crash site offers few clues about cause   {  }

Anglophone East district standardizes school supply list   { ‘Anglophone’ means ‘English speaking’. Parents of students receiving standardized list of items teachers expect students to show up with voice mixed opinions on this matter. }

14 year old Nova Scotia woman in Northumberland Strait charity swim: Youngest ever   {  }



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