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Tuesday, 07 October, 2014 – CBC News Headlines:

Tuesday, 07 October, 2014  -( 65˚F / 18˚C – & cloudy  @ 1:45 pm near Ithaca )-  { Headlines compiled by douglas j otterson }

puppies on a blanket.

“The Battlefords Humane Society said Monday they could use some volunteer help looking after the 20 puppies”

{ We’ve been doing this because we believe the CBC may be more honest and more respectable than Media in the U.S.A., & not a lot of people in the U.S. may know that or have access to anyone who might point them toward the CBC & their web site. }
{ & again, these are not links. If you want to read these stories, listen to sound clips, or see any video -if there is any video- go to CBC dot CA/news.— & You can also find a link to the web cast of the most recent broadcast of “The National” the CBC’s ‘flagship nightly newscast’ under the “Must Watch” heading on their main page. — Thanks. — & Jim W convinced me to take credit for this, above.  ———djo——— }


"Facebook Apologizes for unethical practices.

“Fight for the Future” tweeted this one: “Facebook Apologizes for Unethical Tests”

{ Thought of the Day: I just watched ‘GasLand II” the HBO documentary-movie, most of the way through, for about the tenth time. Why are governmental ‘mouthpieces’ still tring to say that Shale Gas is: (1) a good thing, and, (2) the best way to go?  The best scientific evidence reported on in that movie showed that there is more than enough wind power available to generate 5 times our needed electricity- virtually free- forever- & it is renewable, does not pollute, does not poison your water supply. -And if the wind slows down, solar photovoltaics can fill in the gaps. And then there’s always hydro-electric and maybe even tidal generation possible.  The only thing ‘wrong’ with these renewable technologies is the fact that no greedy corporation has found a way to control them enough with lies and propaganda to raise the price high enough to keep billions of people in low-wage-slavery for the foreseeable future.   —djo— }


Lead Articles:

Freight train operators report falling asleep on the job   {  }

3 researchers win Nobel for physics for LED breakthrough   {  }

Federal gov’t certain to miss 2020 emissions target: audit   { * I listened to an online interview on CBC Radio One, in which an environmentalist told the reporter that he’s learned that the current Prime Minister’s micro-managed government has been ‘closely consulting with gas and oil companies’ about enforcing regulations and then not enforcing regulations that bother big corporate interests.   —djo— }

EU drops plan to put ‘dirty’ label on oilsands crude   {  }

Turkey says Syrian town under ISIS seige about to fall   {  }

Spain quarantines Ebola patient’s husband and co-worker   {  }

‘Marijuana was a red herring’: Lawyer says Mountie in suicide wanted focus on PTSD   {  The Mountie who was asked to turn in his uniform after smoking medical marijuana in uniform was found dead yesterday. He would have been sentenced in assault case in November.  —djo— }

-Analysis- Divided, uncertain Canada edges gingerly into Iraq   {  }

Daughter slams ‘inhuman’ way dad, 82, died in hospital supply room   { “The family of Marcel Roy is relieved to learn an investigation has been launched into the death of the 82-year-old man after he was placed in the supply room at a Drummondville, Que., hospital.”  —djo— }



Woman photographing friend who is lying on Eiffel Tower's new glass floor.

“Eiffel Tower’s new glass floor thrills tourists”


This 5-year-old basketball player will make you smile   {  }

Look down, waaaaaaay down… Eiffel Tower gets glass floor   {  }

Shipwreck isn’t Christopher Columbus’s Santa Maria after all   {  }

Bermuda-bound runner in floating ‘hamster wheel’ bubble rescued at sea  {  }



“Most Viewed”

Ron Francis’s lawyer makes plea for PTSD help after Mountie’s suicide   {  }

Drummondville hospital investigates death of Marcel Roy, man put in supply room   {  }

Jennifer Lawrence calls nude photo hack a ‘sex crime’ in Vanity Fair   {  }

Sarah Leung sentenced to 5 years for killing her 2 babies   {  }

Lunar eclipse tonight may highlight Draconid meteor shower   {  }

Brian Gallant unveils his 13-person Liberal cabinet   {  }

RCMP Cpl. Ron Francis, who smoked marijuana on job, found dead   {  }

Canada, U.S. leap ahead as world growth slows: IMF   {  }

Arctic mapping problems ‘significant’ worry, Elizabeth May warns   {  }

J.K. Rowling teases Harry Potter fans with cryptic tweets   {  }

-11 photo slide show- Syria-Turkey border town under seige by ISIS fighters   {  }

-Blog- Teen arrested for harassing teacher with ‘cyberbullying app’ Streetchat   { “A 14-year-old student from Norwalk, Connecticut has been charged with harassment after allegedly posting “inappropriate photos” of a Spanish teacher online with what police call “sexually charged captions.”   —djo— }




European Union drops plan to label oilsands crude ‘dirty’   { * Somebody must have paid somebody off here-  —djo— }

Lunar eclipse tonight may see hunter’s moon turn blood red   {  }

-Updated- Inadequate maps hamper Arctic exploration and protection, MPs say   {  }

How city planners could help women feel safer   {  }

Clorox lauded for listing all incredients amid labelling loophole   {  }

Toronto shooting victims were high school students   {  }

Bear cub found dead in New York City’s Central Park   {  }

-Live- Astronauts resume routine spacewalks after 2013 near-drowning   {  }

Talking to your car? Chances are you’re a dangerous driver   {  }

Tories introduce changes ‘for law-abiding gun owners’ in Canada   {  }

Spain quarantines 3 after nurse assistant infected with Ebola   {  }

‘My wand won’t tolerate this nonsense’: J.K. Rowling tweets puzzle Harry Potter fans   {  }

Syrian border town about to fall to ISIS, Turkish leader says   {  }

-Updated- A bird? A plane? No, it’s a grounded helicopter blocking traffic    { A ‘Sea King’ helicopter made an emergency landing in a field and was then loaded on a trailer and driven to the nearest appropriate air-base.  —djo— }

-Mujst Watch- Japan volcano search continues   {  }

-Must Watch- Massive pumpkin largest in Europe this year   {  }

-Must Watch- Vladimir Putin’s 62nd birthday reprospect   {  * & his ‘Fan Club’ gave him a series of paintings based on the legend of Hercules with Putin beating up on Canada, the US, and other monsters.  —djo— }

Cute puppy being held.

“Cuter photo of a puppy”

-Editor’s Pick- Puppy love  { “Help pours in for 20 puppies abandoned in Saskatchewan field” – —djo— }

-Editor’s Pick- Hong Kong protesters ‘love their country’ says Tianmen veteran   { “Twenty-five years ago, a slight 20-year-old Beijing University history student with enormous glasses and a heartbreakingly sincere demeanour became one of the memorable faces of the Tiananmen Square student movement, which sought to bring reform to the Communist Party in China. – As we all know, that was not to be. After Chinese government troops opened fire in the square, massacring hundreds of students and other citizens on June 4, 1989, Wang Dan was hunted down. – So began his odyssey of almost a decade in Chinese prison, and eventual exile to the United States, where, in 2008, he earned a PhD at Harvard University. – He is now a professor of Chinese history in Taiwan, where he has been observing the protests in Hong Kong, which he believes are influenced by “the spirit of 1989.” – How do you feel as you watch the Hong Kong students and their historic demonstration? – I feel a lot of sympathy for the people of Hong Kong, because they are losing the powers they had. And I encourage them to do whatever they can to get their rights back. – In terms of aspirations and worldview, how does this generation of students in Hong Kong compare with those who gathered in Tiananmen Square? – There are a lot of similarities between what was happening in Tiananmen Square back then and what is happening in Hong Kong today. The people’s demand for democracy, for example. And we share a common opponent: the Chinese Communist Party. So when I see the birth of a very similar protest movement twenty-five years later, I naturally give it my full attention. Our opposition to the Communist Party in those days influenced the whole next generation of young people. On this point alone, I feel that we have been successful. – This young generation, they really love their country. And they are also looking for freedom. So these are similarities. Many students in Hong Kong know what happened in 1989, and they are inspired by the spirit of 1989. – What do you feel were important lessons learned from the experience of Tiananmen? – The most trying times during a street protest is at the mid-point. This is when protest movements are most prone to internal strife. I want to remind my friends in Hong Kong that within any mass movement, there are bound to be differences – differences in direction and strategy. – Everyone must try to be patient and consult with each other, even taking a vote to resolve any differences. There certainly cannot be any infighting because of internal differences. When it comes to a difference of opinion or direction, you cannot treat the other side like an enemy or allow acrimony. There is a common enemy facing us, and only by being united can we maintain our overall objective. So please, be careful.”  —djo— }

-Editor’s Pick- Post and Sun merger a doubtful pursuit of size and synergy: Don Pittis   {  }

-Business- Ebola-killing robot deployed in U.S. hospitals   {  }

-Health- Coffee tastes influenced by DNA   {  }

 -Technology & Science- Microsoft is developing next stage in Virtual Gaming   { “Microsoft is developing a six-projector, six computer, six microsoft camera gaming system called “Room Alive” that projects a 3-D game world into your living room without a television or computer monitor.”   —djo— }


“Local / New Brunswick”

Brian Gallant unveils his 13-person Liberal cabinet   { * Many Ministers in this smallest cabinet since 1965 have double, even triple duties:

The new cabinet:

  • Premier Brian Gallant
  • Deputy Premier Stephen Horsman, minister of Public Safety, Solicitor General, Minister of Justice
  • Denis Landry, minister of Natural Resources
  • Donald Arseneault, minister of Energy and Mines
  • Rick Doucet, minister of Economic Development, Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries
  • Victor Boudreau, minister of Health
  • Ed Doherty, Minister of Government Services, Aboriginal Affairs
  • Brian Kenny, minister of Environment and Local Government
  • Bill Fraser, minister of Tourism, Heritage and Culture
  • Roger Melanson, minister of Finance and Transportation and Infrastructure
  • Francine Landry, minister of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour
  • Cathy Rogers, minister of Social Development and Healthy and Inclusive Communities
  • Serge Rouselle, minister of Education and Early Childhood Development, Attorney General


Sackville man says mandatory drug plan too expensive   { “Jon McKiel, who works as a cook in Sackville, says the mandatory prescription drug plan will be unaffordable for his young family at $1,600 per year. – “Last year we spent $15 on prescriptions,” he said.” & “Jon McKiel of Sackville is worried many people don’t know they won’t be able to opt out of the prescription drug plan that takes effect on Apr. 1, 2015. – The mandatory plan was introduced by the Alward government in Dec. 2010 as a way to ensure that anyone without insurance through their employer would have coverage for prescribed drugs.” —djo—  }

 -NB Page- Abortion clinics in Maine see ‘spike’ in New Brunswick clients   {  }

– NB page- Saint John woman raising awareness about substandard housing   {  }



seattle totem

“Seattle Totem”

“First Nations”

Seattle City Council replaces Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples’ Day   {  }

No aboriginal people in jury pool delays fatal LRT beating trial   {  }

Deep racial division exists in Winnipeg, poll finds   {  }

Federal government falling further behind on emissions reductions, audit finds    {  }

Deadline nears for residential school students’ $3K education credits   {  }

3 Nova Scotians in running for Governor General’s Awards   {  }



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