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Thursday, 09 October, 2014 – CBC News Headlines:

Thursday, 09 October, 2014  -( 60˚F / 16˚C – & cloudy  @ 3:30 pm near Ithaca )-  { Headlines compiled by douglas j otterson }

Cartoon man in yellow space suit amid blue crowd.

>>—->   Link to  “Scientisits Hunting for Time Travelers

{ We’ve been doing this because we believe the CBC may be more honest and more respectable than Media in the U.S.A., & not a lot of people in the U.S. may know that or have access to anyone who might point them toward the CBC & their web site. }
{ & again, these are not links. If you want to read these stories, listen to sound clips, or see any video -if there is any video- go to CBC dot CA/news.— & You can also find a link to the web cast of the most recent broadcast of “The National” the CBC’s ‘flagship nightly newscast’ under the “Must Watch” heading on their main page. — Thanks. — & Jim W convinced me to take credit for this, above.  ———djo——— }


Boy and Northern Lights

“9-year-old boy fulfils wish to see Northern LIghts before going blind”

October 9, 2014 – Today would have been John Lennon’s birthday.

{ Thought of the Day: I just watched ‘GasLand II” the HBO documentary-movie, most of the way through, for about the tenth time. Why are governmental ‘mouthpieces’ still tring to say that Shale Gas is: (1) a good thing, and, (2) the best way to go?  The best scientific evidence reported on in that movie showed that there is more than enough wind power available to generate 5 times our needed electricity- virtually free- forever- & it is renewable, does not pollute, does not poison your water supply. -And if the wind slows down, solar photovoltaics can fill in the gaps. And then there’s always hydro-electric and maybe even tidal generation possible.  The only thing ‘wrong’ with these renewable technologies is the fact that no greedy corporation has found a way to control them enough with lies and propaganda to raise the price high enough to keep billions of people in low-wage-slavery for the foreseeable future.   —djo— }


Lead Articles:

‘Skypalace’ ordered by former Alberta premier could have cost millions   { “Change orders detailed in documents obtained by CBC News through a freedom of information request show the luxury penthouse “premier’s suite” would have potentially cost several hundred thousand dollars, if not millions.”  —djo— }

U.S. led forces step up strikes against ISIS to in Syria town   {  }

B.C. Mountie not guilty in jail-in-sex case in Kamloops   {  }

Toronto addiction centre calls for pot to be legalized   {  }

3 in Quebec helicopter jailbreak convicted on drug charges   {  }

3 injured in Burns Lake, B.C. wood pellet mill explosion   {  }

Minister confirms jets fighting ISIS to fly out of Kuwait   {  }

-Updated- Macedonia hotel sealed off after Briton with Ebola dies   {  }

 Tories want to change copyright law to allow free use of news content in political ads   { Harper wants to include a provision that would allow political parties to use news footage without permission, without compensation, out of context etc. in political attack ads during campaigns- as an amendment inhis  next ‘omnibus’ bill. This would ignore copyright laws. News people call this an atrocity. I’d call it treason- a blatant attack on the rights and freedoms of the press, and therefore an attack on the rights and freedoms of all Canadians. If they get away with this, what will be their next atrocity? —djo— }

What you need to know about this year’s flu virus   {  }



Camel on sand dune with camera rig on its back.

“Google Street View uses camel to map Arabian desert”


Google Street View uses camel to map Arabian desert   {  }

Who you gonna call? For Ghostbusters 3, some ‘hilarious women’   {  }

Detroit home-seller offers to trade house for iPhone 6  {  }

-Repeat- Bull moose battle on Alberta highway caught on video   {  }




“Most Viewed”

Ebola outbreak: Man with Ebola symptoms dies in Macedonia   {  }

‘Jail sec video’ trial delivers not guilty decision for Kenneth Brown   {  }

Pinnacle wood pellet plant explosion injures 3 in B.C.   {  }

Canadian Tire out to woo younger shoppers   {  }

Man killed by off-duty St. Louis officer was unarmed, mother says   { * & in a totally unrelated article <—-<< linked by a tweet, reports how a man proved he was unjustly handcuffed and detained by St.Louis Metropolitan police, who tried to bully him into giving them a name of somebody they could frame, by planting an illegal handgun on them, threatened to plant an illegal handgun on him and come up with a body they could connect to that gun. The accused managed to record that theatening conversation with his cell phone.   —djo— }

Gatineau man charged in 3 historic sexual assaults   {  }

Nobel Prize in Literature won by French writer Patrick Modiano  {  }

Bethany Paquette, Trinity Western grad, has prejudice claim rebuffed by tourism company   {  }

Olivia Chow underperforming in Toronto’s race for mayor   {  }

-12 photo slide show- 12 views of October lunar eclipse   {  }

-Blog- Fracking company launches pink drill bits for breast cancer awareness  { *This bit of manipulation is pretty freakin low, even for these corporate ice-holes. Trying to link a program that is destroying people’s health, property values and quality of life, as well as putting their lives in actual danger- to a campaign to raise awareness of women’s health issues is worse than unethical, cynical, bold face lying: on a par with telling Africans with AIDs that raping a virgin would cure their disease.*  >>—-> Link to Huffington Post article on Gasland 2 * Fracking may be more hazardous to our health and quality of life than we have previously warned about. Find a copy of Gasland 2 and watch it. — To be fair,  Forbes has been trying to label the movie as ‘Luddite Slander of Fracking’ *** but too many people without a horse in this race have ‘scientifically remote viewed without prejudice’ a future in which the USA has been reduced to less than a third world nation caused in a large part by fracking.   —djo— }




-Updated- Freed after 4 years in jail, Travis Vader saysRCMP ‘destroyed my life’   {  }

Scientists muzzled by federal media policies, report suggests   {  }

Ebola screenings to take place at airports in 6 Canadian cities  {  }

Artificial hand that can really feel gets nearer   {  }

47 Lac-Mégantic train wreck deaths were ‘violent’ and ‘avoidable,’ coroner says   {  }

-Updated- $550M Job creation promise questioned in new PBO report   { “PBO” = Parliamentary Budget Office. — “It was touted as a job-creator in a tough job market, but new evidence suggests the Conservative plan to cut Employment Insurance premiums for small business won’t achieve its stated goal of making it easier for employers to hire new workers. – And the head of a key lobby group acknowledges the decision by the government may be linked to other political considerations. – In a new report, the parliamentary budget officer, Jean-Denis Fréchette, says the small business job credit announced last month by Finance Minister Joe Oliver would generate only 800 new jobs over two years — 200 new full-time equivalent jobs in 2015 and 600 new jobs in 2016. – That would mean each new position will cost the government — and the taxpayer — $687,500. – The head of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business called the PBO’s figures “puzzling.” – “That seems really really thin,” Dan Kelly told CBC News Wednesday. –  “Our own estimate at CFIB was that it would create 25,000 person years of employment. A different measure, but still an awful lot more than the PBO is estimating. And we’re trying to figure out why their estimate is so thin.” – CFIB lobbied for EI cut – But Kelly also said the government’s decision came only after his organization had lobbied heavily for a cut to EI premiums as a form of quid pro quo, to placate small business owners enraged over two new policies: new anti-spam legislation, and a drastic reduction in temporary foreign worker permits. – Kelly called those “dumb decisions” on the part of the government. –‘It’s another example of Conservative politics triumphing over public policy’– Liberal Finance Critic Scott Brison – In a separate interview with CBC Radio last month, Kelly recalled the message his organization took to the government in a lobbying session. – “As a result of (those decisions) we said to the government look, you guys have made some really boneheaded moves over the past number of months; we need to see a couple of positive things come forward. (We) suggested specifically, progress on Employment Insurance,” he said in an interview with CBC Radio’s Ontario Today Sept. 30. – “And the good news is the EI fund has returned into balance… and the government has decided to move ahead with it and we give them credit for that,” he told host Rita Celli. – Kelly also said small businesses are happy with the EI measure both as a job creation tool, and as a tax reduction measure. – Liberal Finance critic Scott Brison says the measure was a poorly-conceived attempt to placate one group for political purposes. –  “The Conservatives were looking for some bone to throw towards the small business community to make up for the aggravation,” he said.  – “They didn’t think this out, it’s another example of Conservative politics triumphing over public policy.” – Brison said the program contains a disincentive to hire by limiting the benefit to companies with 15 employees or less, and will simply cost too much. The Liberals have countered with a proposal to grant EI premium “holidays” for companies that first create jobs. – The job credit will cut EI premiums, starting in 2015, for businesses with an annual contribution of less than $15,000. – The government says 780,000 business in Canada are expected to benefit from the credit in 2015. – “This is real money that a small business can use to help defray the costs of hiring new workers and to take advantage of emerging economic opportunities,” said Finance department spokeswoman Stéphanie Rubec. – To make his calculations, the budget watchdog used the Finance Department’s own EI premium rate multiplier to estimate the increase in employment “as a result of higher after-tax business incomes.” – The small business job credit is not the only problem identified in the EI system by the PBO report. – “We’ve made a number of observations in the report that the way the program is governed now is creating a lot of problems. First of all, it’s not predictable…it’s not transparent. What we have suggested is the government should provide an estimate of the cost of the rates that they have put in place,” said Assistant PBO Mostafa Askari.”  —djo— }

 -Analysis- Has Ottawa been too slow to take on radicalized Canadians?  { *Has Canada been too slow slow to run the current Conservative government out of town on a rail? Before they legislate all your rights and freedoms away?  —djo— }

‘I could see my body’: Researchers probe near death and out-of-body experiences   {  }

‘I felt violated’ says B.C. woman whose nude photos were leaked online   {  }

-Must Watch- Riots in Turkey   { “Groups of protesters with opposing views on Turkey’s handling of the situaltion in Kobani, the Syrian town under siege by ISIS, clash in cities across Turkey. ”  —djo— }

Drink Red Bull? The company may owe you $10    { Red Bull was sued for false advertising in a class action suit brought by customers who did not quite sprout wings and fly above their fatigue.  —djo— }

Lego to scrap Shell deal after Arctic protest   {  }

Rejected Christian job applicant was unqualified, tourism company says   {  }

Why peanut butter substitutes are still banned in schools    {  }

Marijuana legalization needs strict controls, Canadian addiction centre says   {  }

-Must Watch- St. Louis police shooting protest   { “An angry crowd confronts police after an 18-year-old was shot and killed in St. Louis, Mo.”  * After we heard that the man who was killed was brandishing a sandwich, not a gun, after an off duty police officer claimed he was shot at and fired 17 rounds at the victim – we have conflicting stories coming at us from all sides.  —djo— }

-Must Watch- Choking haze in northern China   { Pollution worse than what California used to suffer from?   —djo— }

-Editor’s Pick-  What would you want to see?   { Texan boy, 9, fulfils wish to watch Northern Lights before going blind.  —djo— }

-Editor’s Pick- McCann disappearance   { “Key developments in the investigation”  —djo— }

-Editor’s Pick- ‘Make My Mayor’ – Mix, match and create your dream candidate   {  }

-Canada- HMCS Athabaskan seizes 820 kg of cocaine in Carribbean bust   { * 820 kilograms = 1,807 lbs, + 651 ounces  —djo— }

-Canada-Council of Canadians going to court to fight election law changes   { * Why is this not up at the top in the Lead Articles section? —djo— }

-Canada- Why is Olivia Chow lagging in Toronto’s race for mayor?   {  }

-Politics- Just don’t call it ‘sociology’: Tories seek bids for terrorism research.  { * Do they want to learn how to better use terrorism against their electorate? They’re doing quite well – controlling the news- invoking an atmosphere of constant anxiety and fear in a calculated effort to better control the hearts and minds of citizens kept in a state of constant fear-  —djo— }

Small camera looks like a periscope.

“This camera, HTC’s ‘Re’ camera is about the size of a small candy bar, has no screen or viewfinder and is to hit stores in the U.S., Europe and Asia in about a month.”

-Business- TSX sinks as oil hits 18-month low   { “TSX” = Toronto Stock Exchange.  —djo— }

-Business- Climate change may create legal liability for Canadian energy firms   {  }

-Technology & Science- Fruit flies may give clues to how underground work affects health   {  }

-Technology & Science- This is HTC’s strange new Re camera    { “Everywhere you look, people are using smartphones and tablets to snap pictures and record video of concerts, speeches or even their kids’ ballet recitals — and instantly share the experiences with friends and family. At many events, people aren’t even looking at the stage; they are watching through their screens. – HTC thinks there’s a better way — and they’re betting you won’t mind carrying around an extra device about the size of a small candy bar. With the new Re camera gripped discreetly in your hands, you can take stills and video while still experiencing the event directly — not through a screen or viewfinder. – No more annoying people behind you by blocking their views with your phone or tablet. (In fact, no one may realize you’re recording at all. Hmm.HTC says the Re will at least make a sound when you take a picture or start recording.) – Many analysts are suggesting the new camera is a competitor to popular devices made by GoPro, which are designed to capture personal experiences ranging from cycling to diving. – The Re marks HTC’s effort to expand beyond smartphones. Its flagship HTC One smartphone earns high praise from users and tech reviewers but the company’s global market share is tiny compared with Apple’s and Samsung’s. According to IDC, HTC’s market share was less than 2 per cent in the second quarter, the latest period available.”  —djo— }

-Arts & Entertainment- Tanya Taaq says she was sexually targetted by a man in Winnipeg   {  }



“Local / New Bruswick”

Anglophone West DEC will raise school closures at next meeting   {  }

Chipman accident kills 14-year old girl   {  }

Ebola ruled out in patient at Moncton’s Dumont hospital   {  }

Drug plan may impose financial burdens on low-income earners   {  }

‘Eat New Brunswick’ aims to put more local food into restaurants   {  }



First Nations demonstrators.

Demonstrators celebrate B.C. Supreme court decision not to grant permanent injunction.

“First Nations”

Auditor General of Canada investigates health services on reserves   {  }

Catholic church in Saskatoon court over residential school payments   { “The federal government is taking the Catholic church to court over residential school money it claims is unpaid.”  —djo— }

Imperial Metals granted interim injuction, REd Chris protesters celebrate   { The photo, left or above, was with this article’s headline. The mining company was not granted a permanent injuction against the group of First Nations demonstrators who have been blocking access to a mining project south of Dease Lake, B.C. }

Polaris winner describes being followed, called ‘sexy little Indian’ on street   {  }

Cape Breton mayor, Mi’kmaq leader spar over Sydney Harbour   {  }

Successful Cree negotiator find the French-Canadian father he never knew   {  }



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