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Tuesday, 14 October, 2014 – CBC News Headlines:

Tuesday, 14 October, 2014  -( 67˚F / 19˚C – & cloudy & hazy here @ 9:00 am near Ithaca )-  { Headlines compiled by douglas j otterson }

Map of Ireland, mourning for stolen resources

Irish Ecological dilemma. Don’t let this happen anywhere.

{ We’ve been doing this because we believe the CBC may be more honest and more respectable than Media in the U.S.A., & not a lot of people in the U.S. may know that or have access to anyone who might point them toward the CBC & their web site. }
{ & again, these are not links. If you want to read these stories, listen to sound clips, or see any video -if there is any video- go to CBC dot CA/news.— & You can also find a link to the web cast of the most recent broadcast of “The National” the CBC’s ‘flagship nightly newscast’ under the “Must Watch” heading on their main page. — Thanks. — & Jim W convinced me to take credit for this, above.  ———djo——— }



Hawk attacks Drone.

“Hawk takes out drone” video captured at Magazine Beach, Massachusetts.

Thursday, October 9, 2014 –  would have been John Lennon’s 74th birthday.

{  This from Variety: “No amount of familiarity with whistleblower Edward Snowdenand his shocking revelations of the U.S. government’s wholesale spying on its own citizens can prepare one for the impact ofLaura Poitras’ extraordinary documentary “Citizenfour.” Far from reconstructing or analyzing a fait accompli, the film tersely records the deed in real time, as Poitras and fellow journalist Glenn Greenwald meet Snowden over an eight-day period in a Hong Kong hotel room to plot how and when they will unleash the bombshell that shook the world. Adapting the cold language of data encryption to recount a dramatic saga of abuse of power and justified paranoia, Poitras brilliantly demonstrates that information is a weapon that cuts both ways. (Read the full review)” —djo— }


Lead Articles:

-New- Life in the shadow of ISIS: ‘We are afraid to speak’   {  }

Suspect in Slocan, B.C. manhunt is dead: RCMP      {  }

WHO: Could see 10,000 new cases of Ebola per week     {  }

Patrick Brazeau faces charge of impaired care of vehicle   {  }

Catholic Church’s stance on gays hailed as ‘seismic shift’    {  }

UN medical team member infected with Ebola dies in Germany   {  }

Sleepwalker acquitted of attempted murder attacks again — while awake   { “Phyllis John ended an abusive relationship with George Campbell, an Ontario man once acquitted of an attempted murder he committed while sleepwalking. When she told him to move out, Campbell tried to slit her throat.”  —djo— }

NDP hopes child-care funding plan will get Canadians looking at policy   {  }



Atristic Norwegian Banknotes, front and back.

Front and back of new Norwegian banknotes.


New Norwegian banknotes dazzle with pixel art backgrounds   { “-Above [ or left ]: New designs for Norway’s krone, by The Metric System and Snøhetta Design. (Norges Bank) – Norway’s new banknotes have earned praise and adulation online for the unusual artistic design behind them. – Earlier this year, Norges Bank, the Norwegian central bank, made a callout to artists to design the country’s new currency, with the theme of “The Sea.” After narrowing down the selection to eight artists, two series of illustrations will be used – one for each side of the bills. – One side, Norwegian Living Space by The Metric System (the team of Christian Schnitler and Are Kleivan), feature drawings of boats, lighthouses and fish in a style Norges Bank describes as “open, light and typically Nordic.” – The other side, however, is composed entirely out of pixel art: large rectangles, without any shading or gradients, reminiscent of old computer graphics and often associated with 8-bit video games. – The images by Snøhetta Design, called Beauty of Boundaries, vaguely recall coastal scenery but aren’t intentionally “de-rezzed” versions of real locations. In a press release, Snøhetta Design said, “Our goal is to bring people into creating their own interpretations and associations.” – The bank also posted all of the designs by the eight finalists online. All of these designs will be displayed this fall in an exhibition called Norway’s New Banknote Series: The Sea in Oslo.-”   —djo—  }

Creepy clowns haunt California city by night   { *Just in time for Halloween – and your nightmares. – Reports of creepy clowns carrying knives and other weapons have been scaring people in the California city of Bakersfield for the past week, police said on Sunday. – In the latest incident, a person telephoned the Bakersfield Police Department on Saturday night, reporting a clown armed with a firearm, said watch commander Lt. Jason Matson. – “We’ve been having sightings all over the city,” Matson said. “They range from anywhere from a guy carrying a gun to a guy carrying a knife running up to houses.” – The Bakersfield Californian newspaper reported earlier in the week that at least some of the reports were hoaxes. Matson said he did not know whether the incidents were pranks. – At least one of the reports was not a hoax – police arrested a teen on Friday who had dressed up as a clown and was chasing children on the west side of town, Matson said. The juvenile, whose name was not released, said he was doing it to perpetrate a hoax he had seen online. – He was arrested on suspicion of annoying a minor and booked into the Kern County Juvenile Hall, Bakersfield police said in a news release. A child who had been chased “was clearly scared,” the release said.*  —djo— }

-Repeat- Wife carrying championship: An unusual Nordic tradition returns { * In one photo a wife is sitting on one guy’s shoulders as he looks like he’s walking somewhere in a hurry. * —jim w—  }

-Repeat- New York Comic Con 2014: costumes and crowds   {  }

-From Saturday- Record setting bluefin tuna hauled in by Nova Scotia girl  { * & All of the above Offbeat headlines are repeats from yesterday* —djo—  }

Young woman congratulated for record breaking catch by another record holder.

A 12-year-old woman caught this fish, and according to the rules, could not be helped in any way by anyone, especially adults. She told in the radio interview how heavy the tuna was in pounds but the idiots give the weight in kilograms in this article.



“Most Viewed”

Brother and sister whose home was illegally invaded by violent police officers.

Tyson and Cirbie Bishop said they can’t understand how they’ve paid a higher price than the police officer who entered Tyson’s home illegally and assualted him with a Taser.

-Go Public- Violent police home invasion leads to $66K bill for victims  { * Halifax officer keeps his job and isn’t charged after illegal entry and assault on resident.  –  “”It was just like Cops. Or like a movie. The house was dark. The house was quiet … then bang-bang-bang! on my upstairs door,” said Tyson Bishop, 36, recalling the 2008 encounter. – “It was a home invasion. They invaded my home.” – Within seconds, it escalated to one of the officers shooting Bishop with a Taser stun gun when he tried to stop police from hitting his sister in the face. -Tyson and Cirbie Bishop said they can’t understand how they’ve paid a higher price than the police officer who entered Tyson’s home illegally and assaulted him with a Taser. – “I was fearful for her life,” said Bishop, a GM salesman. “I was watching them pick her up and drop her face on the floor. She was crying.” – “Absolutely unreal,” said Cirbie Bishop, 31. “Under no circumstances would anyone ever believe that two police officers could just enter your home illegally and do that to you.” – Officer broke the law –  One of the officers, Const. Jordan Gilbert, was later sanctioned for illegal entry and assault, after a decision by a police complaint review board. But he was never criminally charged and he kept his job. – The Bishops, who had never been in trouble with the law before, said they are left with $66,000 in legal costs, which the municipality refuses to cover. – “They came into the house without a warrant. They came into the house with absolutely no right to. And we are left to pay for that,” said Cirbie Bishop, an insurance claims representative. – Submit your story ideas: – Go Public is an investigative news segment on CBC TV, radio and the web. We tell your stories and hold the powers that be accountable. -We want to hear from people across the country with stories they want to make public. -Submit your story ideas to Kathy Tomlinson at Go Public – Follow @CBCGoPublic onTwitter – On that night six years ago, the siblings had a Halloween party at Tyson Bishop’s townhouse. They said it was a normal party, with costumes, decorations, drinks and music. Police were called twice over noise complaints by a neighbour. – By the time Const. Gilbert and Const. Mathew Poole arrived to answer the second call at 3 a.m., however, the party was over and the townhouse was dark. Six people, including the Bishop siblings, were sitting around quietly in an upstairs bedroom. – When the officers got no answer at the front door, they entered anyway, then went upstairs and pounded on the bedroom door, ordering anyone who didn’t live there to leave. – “They were just screaming and yelling and swearing and forcing people out of the house,” Cirbie Bishop said, as everyone scrambled. “We had no idea we were there doing anything wrong. We just had a private party.” – She banged into Gilbert while going through the bedroom doorway. He considered that assault, so he and Poole grabbed and detained her. Gilbert later admitted he hit her in the face while pinning her on the bathroom floor. – Cirbie Bishop suffered injuries after being hit in the face while Const. Jordan Gilbert was trying to arrest her. – “They picked me up and they threw me on my face,” she said. – When Tyson Bishop tried to step in and protect his sister, Gilbert Tasered him — in the face — at close range. “You just collapse. You fall so fast and so hard. It’s such a jolt to your head,” Bishop recalled. – Gilbert also admitted hitting him twice.”

-Submit your story ideas: – Go Public is an investigative news segment on CBC TV, radio and the web. We tell your stories and hold the powers that be accountable. -We want to hear from people across the country with stories they want to make public. -Submit your story ideas to Kathy Tomlinson at Go Public – Follow @CBCGoPublic onTwitter –  —djo— }

Italian nurse Daniela Poggiali suspected in deaths of 38 patients   {  }

Peter Degroot, suspect in shootout in Slocan, B.C., dead  {    }

Ebola virus ruled out in Ottawa patient, while man in Belleville still in isolation  {  }

Catholic Church makes ‘stunning’ overture toward gays  {  }

Conservatives’ copyright law changes could backfire   { * Well jeeze, I hope so.*  —djo— }

-Thursday’s Blog- Fracking company launches pink drill bits for breast cancer awareness  { *This bit of manipulation is pretty freakin low, even for these corporate ice-holes. Trying to link a program that is destroying people’s health, property values and quality of life, as well as putting their lives in actual danger- to a campaign to raise awareness of women’s health issues is worse than unethical, cynical, bold face lying: on a par with telling Africans with AIDs that raping a virgin would cure their disease.*  >>—-> Link to Huffington Post article on Gasland 2 * Fracking may be more hazardous to our health and quality of life than we have previously warned about. Find a copy of Gasland 2 and watch it. — To be fair,  Forbes has been trying to label the movie as ‘Luddite Slander of Fracking’ *** but too many people without a horse in this race have ‘scientifically remote viewed without prejudice’ a future in which the USA has been reduced to less than a third world nation caused in a large part by fracking.   —djo— }



harper sux donkey dicks

The above photo says it all.


B.C. manhunt ends with suspected gunman’s death  { * If they run this one more time on this page I will say, “Oh- how convenient”* —djo— }

-New- Dropbox passwords posted online   { * “Anyone who would sacrifice a little liberty in favour of a little security will deserve neither and lose both.” Benjamin Franklin —djo— }

Assisted suicide appeal puts all eyes on Supreme Court   {  }

-New- When is someone dead? Debate rages on in science and medicine.   { * I supposed something like, “I will be dead when I say I’m dead!” wouldn’t work very well, would it?*  —djo— }

Should Google share the blame for hacked photos?   { But, would a better question be: Who should share the blame for Google?  —djo— }

Illegal dumping: CBC readers share their photos and stories   { * I’ve got a couple for you- in the 1990’s when the city of Ithaca imposed a $1.00 per garbage bag price tag to pick up garbage they had been picking up- not free- but already figured into local taxes- you wouldn’t believe the amount of garbage bags that suddenly appeared all over back roads in Cayuga and Schuyler Counties.  Yeah, maybe you would believe that.  —djo— }

Hong Kong police remove some barricades, clear tents   {  }

Oscar Pistorius being portrayed as ‘victim’ prosecutor says  {  }

Military’s mental health system ‘abandoned’ CFB Shilo soldier   {  }

Kurds call for more airstrikes in Syria as they struggle to hold Kobani   {  }

Sudden oil price drop a crude awakening for Canada’s economy   { *** “If it sends the current Conservative government packing, we’ll take it-” ***  —djo— }

St.Louis police arrest 17 at protest over shooting deaths of black men   {  }

-Must Watch- Buffalo fights in India   { *No thanks*  —djo— }

-Editor’s Pick- Assisted suicide: Where do Canada and other countries stand?   {  }

-Editor’s Pick- Violent police ‘home invasion’ leads to $66K bill for victims   {  }

-Editor’s Pick- Misunderstood and misdiagnosed, the mystery of vertigo   {   }

-World- Sunni civilians killed by Shia militias, Amnesty reports  {  }

-Canada-Blame circulates as Elliot Lake fatal mall collapse report comes due   {  }

-Business- Brent crude oil slides to lowest price since 2010   {  }

-Business- Fears that shoddy Toronto condos could become future slums   {  }

-Business- Owe money to a friend? In France you can pay them back via tweet   {  }

-Politics- Disabled community divided over Conservative MP’s doctor assisted suicide bill.  {  }

-Arts & Entertainment- Penelope Cruz named ‘sexiest woman alive’ by Esquire   {  }

-Technology & Science- Hackers steal Snapchat users’ photos from image saving service   {   }

-Technology & Science- Nuclear plants must give anti-radiation pills to nearby residents: regulator   {  }

-Technology & Science- Privacy concerns remain as cyberbullying bill inches closer to law   {  }

-Community- Katy Perry’s Super bowl halftime show sparks excitement, cynicism from readers   {  }

-Community- ‘No means yes?’ Singapore drops sex ed program after student complaint   {  }




Canadian Money – they no longer use pennies. New Brunswick currently has a minimum wage at $10 an hour.

“Local / New Bruswick”

Anti-poverty group pushes for higher minimum wage    {  }

Civil service suffers from ‘sycophantic culture’ expert says  { * The ‘expert’ is saying that, beginning in the 1990’s, civil servants who owed their jobs to the sitting political parties became less altruistic than what he expected of them.* —djo—  }

Political problems plague New Brunswick’s public service  { Redundant R us, I say, redundant R Us.  —djo— }

Horizon Health takes steps to reduce missed appointments   {  }

RCMP watchdog reviews police handling of shale gas protests  { *Now, this one could become quite interesting.*  —djo— }

-N.B.Page- Medicinal chaga mushroom may be over-harvested in N.B. forests   {  }

Today’s weather: Peter Coade’s synopsis   {  }

-Repeat- Birth control pill threatens fish populations   { * Hormones in birth control pills, once they’ve gone through the user’s system and been flushed down the toilet, have nearly wiped out a few species of small fish and disrupted the whole food chain. Treatment plants and stations need to ramp up their processing or we’re in trouble on one more front, global climate change or not. —djo—  }



Google Enchanted Owl Doodle

Inuit Artist Kenojuak Ashevak was honoured by Google with this doodle on what would have beeh her 87th birthday.

“First Nations”

Human trafficking prevention needs more funding, says social worker    {  }

Winnipeg women say being sexually harrased downtown the norm  {  }

More talks could break Peel land use planning stalemate   { “Yukon First Nations and their environmental allies say the court battle over the Peel watershed land use plan could be settled through ‘proper consultation.”  —djo— }

Polaris winner describes being followed, called ‘sexy little Indian’ on street   {  }

Marlene Bird says she had run-in with one of her attackers   { “The woman who lost both her legs in a vicious attack in Prince Albert, Sask., over the summer says she recently came across one of the people who attacked her on the street”  —djo— }

-Opinion- A First Nations take on Thanksgiving: ‘Your Welcome Weekend’  {  }

Mi’kmaq say Sydney Harbour talks back on track   {  }

Union slams ‘rushed’ facility for at-risk girls in Winnipeg   {  }

Watchdog says B.C. government ignoring recommendations to help children   {  }

One new article appeared at the top of the First Nations ‘aboriginal’ page & One older one reappeared near the top.



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