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Friday, 17 October, 2014 – CBC News Headlines:

Friday, 17 October, 2014  -( 66˚F / 19˚C –  & raining  @ 10:30 am one time zone East of Ithaca )-  { Headlines compiled by douglas j otterson & jim wellington }

guy with camera at rocky shore

Tweeted: CPAC-TV crew filming @ the edge of Canada? –St. John’s Newfoundland & Labrador.

{ We’ve been doing this because we believe the CBC may be more honest and more respectable than Media in the U.S.A., & not a lot of people in the U.S. may know that or have access to anyone who might point them toward the CBC & their web site. }
{ & again, these are not links. If you want to read these stories, listen to sound clips, or see any video -if there is any video- go to CBC dot CA/news.— & You can also find a link to the web cast of the most recent broadcast of “The National” the CBC’s ‘flagship nightly newscast’ under the “Must Watch” heading on their main page. — Thanks. — & Jim W convinced me to take credit for this, above.  ———djo——— }




Gonzalo’s Path, updated at about 10:30 am today, Friday, 17 October, 2014

Thursday, October 9, 2014 –  would have been John Lennon’s 74th birthday.

{ Both Jim W and I have had really weird stuff happening with our computers yesterday and today. Unwanted pop ups, unwanted new browser pages telling us we have an outdated version of firfox with serious security issues  and need to download the fix without telling us what that fix is or should be- And we both coincidentally downloaded and updated those browsers to version 33 yesterday. Whattaya think? are we under attack here? Tune in later folks, maybe we’ll know in a couple hours.  ———djo——— // Next  Morning: A ‘Java update’ tried to load an ‘Ask Toolbar’ with two updaters in the folder. I told it I did not want that on my computer and told it to cancel the update. It installed it anyway, and deactivated my Security stuff- I could not delete the ask updater, but I did reactivate the security stuff. And now, 12 hours later, it looks like the b.s. has stopped >>—-> —————Jim W }

{  This from Variety: “No amount of familiarity with whistleblower Edward Snowden and his shocking revelations of the U.S. government’s wholesale spying on its own citizens can prepare one for the impact of Laura Poitras’ extraordinary documentary “Citizenfour.” Far from reconstructing or analyzing a fait accompli, the film tersely records the deed in real time, as Poitras and fellow journalist Glenn Greenwald meet Snowden over an eight-day period in a Hong Kong hotel room to plot how and when they will unleash the bombshell that shook the world. Adapting the cold language of data encryption to recount a dramatic saga of abuse of power and justified paranoia, Poitras brilliantly demonstrates that information is a weapon that cuts both ways. (Read the full review)” —djo— }


People gassing up

New Brunswick Gas Prices dropped below $1.20 per litre – lowest price in 20 months.

Lead Articles:

-Analysis- Markets go you down? Here are 8 ways to weather the storm: Don Pittis   { * I remember several years ago, a ‘sensitive’/ ‘psychic’ friend in Ontario was going through some unpleasant changes, said she couldn’t wait for whatever is to happen to done and over with. Then she grew a big wide smile and added, “I can’t wait until the promised ‘The money grubbers go out of style big time’ event happens- oh there will be some suffering, but in the end we will be much better off with a whole new economic system that will be a whole lot more ‘human friendly’ *   —jim w—  }

Rob Ford medical record wrongly accessed by hospital staff    {  }

Canada’s inflation rate dips to 2% in September: StatsCan   {  }

MIlitary watchdog criticizes frozen housing allowance   {  }

B.C. nurse identified among 4 Canadians killed in Nepal     {  }

UN says it urgently needs more money to fight Ebola   {  }

-Updated- Ebola worker quarantined on Caribbean cruise ship  { * & Clif at “Half Past Human dot dom” posted on October 15th that a cruise ship would be contaminated in the next few days, and that the ship and tourists would be incarcerated/quarantined at a South American port for eight or nine months?  —jim w— }

First Nations actress Misty Upham presumed dead   { * Police in the Seattle suburb of Auburn said Thursday that they believe they have found the body of missing actress Misty Upham, known for her roles in August: Osage County, Frozen River and Django Unchained. *  —jim w— }

Chrétien defends Trudeau’s Iraq position, calls CF-18 mission ‘marginal’ response   { * Former prime minister Jean Chrétien says he supports Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s decision to oppose Canada’s air combat mission in Iraq. *  —jim w— }



Habs Goaly Practicing.

Montreal Canadiens -aka: the ‘Habs’- have a new commercial in which their star goaly wakes up to find a stalker in his room who says, “I love watching you sleep”. -Yup, that’s creepy-



Habs’ Carey Price stars in creepy commercial   {  }

‘It was right here:’ Yukon cabin vanishes without a trace   {   }

Clown association slams American Horror Story for perpetuating ‘scary clown’ stereotype   {  }

-Yesterday- Puck the Bunny predicts Habs win over Bruins at home opener   { * And I saw a bit of a news flash about that coming true while I was watching the thriller in San Francisco last night- The Giants beat St Louis with a three run home run in the bottom of the 9th inning. *  —jim w— }



“Most Viewed”

Yukon Cabin Vanishes

Yukon Cabin Vanishes

‘It was right here:’ Yukon cabin vanishes without a trace  { * Josie-Anne Pilotte says she was building a cabin on a friend’s mining claim near Fish Lake Road just outside of Whitehorse. – The cabin was on pallets and ready to move, but when Pilotte arrived last month, she found someone else had already beat her to it. – “We found a pair of gloves, a crowbar, and they left the windows behind,” she says. – Pilotte says whoever took the cabin took everything she had inside and left it outside. – She doesn’t know what happened. Snowfall covered any tracks. – “I went berserk,” Pilotte says. “I lost it. I left, and yes I went to the police and I reported it.”  – It’s been two weeks since the theft and there are still few clues. – Pilotte says the cabin was supposed to be a hideaway. – “Just a place to sleep, to hide in, to get away,” she says. “A place to be, my little home.” – Police in Whitehorse are investigating the unusual crime. *  —jim w—   —djo— }

Ebola worker on Caribbean cruise ship quarantined as Obama mulls naming czar   {  }

Loonie oil prices could fall much further: Don Pittis  {    }

harper sux donkey dicks

The above photo says it all.

Canada Post court challenge launched to save home mail delivery  { *”The union representing Canada’s postal workers is hoping the courts will reverse Canada Post’s decision to stop delivering mail door-to-door in urban centres. – With termination notices rolling out across the country, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, along with groups representing seniors and the disabled, are launching a Federal Court challenge. – “The reaction was immediate from every part of this country,” said Denis Lemelin, the union’s national president, at a press conference in Ottawa Thursday. – ​”Today we want to thank the people of this country, because people care about the postal service,” he said. – “Postal service is here to stay,” he said, vowing to maintain a “public post office” as well as home delivery. – Lemelin said the December 2013 decision, which was supported by the Harper government, was announced without prior consultation with the public or postal workers. – Court injunction possible – The challenge has been finalized and could be filed in Federal Court “within the week,” constitutional lawyer Paul Cavalluzzo told the press conference.  Other applicants are still deciding whether to join the case. – After the challenge has been filed, an injunction could stop service reductions until the court rules. >>—->

The case will argue:

  • The elimination of mail delivery violates Section 15 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which guarantees equality rights for groups like disabled citizens.
  • The decision violates the federal Human Rights Act because of its effects on employees and vulnerable citizens without prior consultation.
  • Canada Post did not have the authority to declare it will no longer perform a public service that’s defined as part of the statutory monopoly it enjoys. Only the Parliament of Canada can take this decision.
  • Canada has contravened its international law obligations, such as the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which requires all states to provide accessible public services, and the Universal Postal Union obligations, which require all states to provide affordable and accessible service.

>>—-> “I don’t think taking away home delivery has anything to do with universality or accessibility,” Cavalluzzo said. – “If you look at their accommodation program [for vulnerable groups], it’s really a program that Canada Post is making on the fly,” he said. “It’s totally inadequate and doesn’t make any of the requisites of our human rights law.” –  The lawyer also noted that a massive review of Canada Post operations done for the Harper government in 2008 made no mention of ending delivery. – “Did you have any studies of the impact of the decision on seniors and disabled before you took the decision?” he said he wants to ask Canada Post. “Our view is that this came out of the blue.” >>—->

Businesses still served

>>—-> Cavalluzzo pointed out that businesses will continue to receive mail delivery, making them entitled to a fundamental service that individual Canadians no longer have. – “At the present time the government is hiding behind the decision of Canada Post Corporation.  They shouldn’t be let off so easily,” he said. -Seniors groups and organizations for people with disabilities are joining the Canadian Union of Postal Workers in a legal challenge to preserve home mail delivery. – The National Pensioners Federation, which says it represents 350 seniors groups and over a million Canadians, has joined the challenge because it wants to reverse what it says is a trend of erosion of services. Mail delivery, it says, is important to help seniors stay in their homes for as long as possible. – Carmela Hutchison from the Disabled Women’s Network of Canada told the press conference that community mail boxes can put personal safety at risk when vulnerable women get their mail in public, while increasing the risk of theft if they ask someone else to get their mail on their behalf. – Mail carriers can sometimes spot people in distress, she said. She’s skeptical about Canada Post’s pledges to accommodate the women she represents. – “Do we put a big handicapped sign on the door? Who approves it? The Canadian Medical Association wisely indicated it would not,” she said, adding that paying for doctor’s letters to prove special services are required can be an economic barrier. – If things proceed, Canada will be the only G8 country without home mail delivery, the union says. – The union also says 110 municipalities oppose ending home mail delivery and do not want the burden of maintaining community mailboxes along streets and sidewalks. – The labour movement and the NDP have been canvassing door-to-door with petitions to maintain the service. – Canada Post ‘confident’ – In a statement, Canada Post said it is “confident” that its plan “will withstand any and all legal scrutiny.” – “Digital alternatives are rapidly replacing traditional mail and that trend will accelerate,” the statement said. Two-thirds of Canadian households already do not receive mail delivery at their door, and the decision to discontinue the remainder was “difficult.”  – Canada Post’s accommodations program is “robust” and it spent “months” talking to human rights experts and organizations, the Crown corporation said. – “The changes being made are necessary to secure the future of postal service in Canada and avoid becoming a burden on the taxpayers.” <—-<< *** My Response to the management of Canada Post? “BULL SHIT!” *** Go read the definition of Fascism again. *** —djo— } { Go Read>>—->  CAFR1.Com }

Revenue Canada targets birdwatchers for political activity  {  }

Stephen Harper’s gone fishing for votes in very particular ponds   {  }

Hurricane Gonzalo: 50/50 chance it will hit Newfoundland  {  }

Ebola outbreak: Will Canada avoid the mistakes of Dallas  {  }

Paper bill and statement fees continue to frustrate Canadians  {  }

-12 photo slide show- Hong Kong pro-democracy protests   {  }

-Blog- Clown association slams American Horror Story for perpetuating ‘scary clown’ stereotype  {  }




-New- Nepal avalanche: Survivors say storm caught them off guard  {  }

1/3 of soldiers fear seeking help for mental health would hurt career   {  }

-Coming Up Live- Gonzalo update from Canadian Hurricane Centre   {  }

Watching birdwatchers? Tax auditors warn naturalist club over political web posts    {  }

-Losing It- Lucic taunts Habs crowd as Bruins lose in Montreal   {  }

Michael Sona could find out today whether he’ll go to jail for robocalls   {  }

-New- Iraqis flee homes in fear of ISIS   {  }

Canada’s new anti-terror measures to boost spy agency powers  {  }

Pistorius should serve at least 10 years for killing girlfriend, prosecutor says  { * Well that’s what a prosecutor does, he tries to make the people he prosecutes look as evil as he can paint them, because if he wins, it’s a feather in his career-minded cap. Tough sentences make him look good *  —jim w— }

Toronto Mayoral candidates spar over money, civility at CBC debate   {  }

Hunter Biden, US VP’s son, left Navy after positive drug test   {  }

-Must Watch- Ebola: NUrses union wants stricter protocols    {  }

-Must Watch- Wingsuit World Flying Contest   {  }

-Editor’s Pick- 5 outrageous fees consumers are being charged   { * Scroll down if you missed this in yesterday’s coverage and really want to read it.*  —jim w— }

-Editor’s Pick- The two faces of justice in modern-day America   { * How the law ‘follows’ the wealth gap  —jim w— }

-Editor’s Pick- Ebola Outbreak: Why it may be time to ‘take the brakes off’ producing a vaccine   {   }

-World- Minnesota man convicted of encouraging suicides gets short jail stint  {  }

-Canada- ‘No one wants to die if living is better’ Supreme Court told   {  }

-Business- TSX, Dow continue slide on weak economic news   { * & The guys at half past human dot com forecast this to the day it began happening. *  —djo— }

-Business- Average cable, internet & phone bill was $191 a month last year: CRTC   {  }

-Business- Canada’s inflation rate drops to 2% in September  { * But- can we believe anything the government tells us about jobless rates and inflation rates?  Don’t count on it. *  —jim w—   }

-Business- U.S. jobless claims drop to 14-year low   { * But the actual jobless rate is still way above the b.s. numbers they report. Last estimate puts it well above 24% }

-Politics- Canada Post court challenge launched to save home mail delivery  {  }

-Arts & Entertainment- Women filmmakers call for gender equity in male-dominated industry   {  }

-Technology & Science- New Poodle security bug found in web encryption technology   {   }

-Technology & Science- What’s new in OS X Yosemite   { * Sorry- I’m not going to jump into this one. I don’t care if every freaking browser I have squawks and balks and tells me it will no longer be supported. Unless Apple gets a whole lot less greedy they can go perform unnatural acts with themselves. * We expected better from Apple.  —jim w—  }

-Community- Parents could be liable for what their kids post on Facebook, Georgia court rules   {  }

"cuties killing video games'

Photo posted with GamerGate article

-Community- The internet has had enough of GamerGate   { * “- For months now, members of the the embattled gaming community have been at war with each other over everything from accusations of biased video game journalism to reports of widespread online harassment against women within the industry. – The web has come to know this ongoing saga as — a term that is as difficult to define as it is to keep track of. – First used by actor Adam Baldwin on Twitter in August of 2014, the#GamerGate hashtag was initially used to organize a heated online conversation about ethics in gaming journalism. – That conversation was sparked by one man’s claims that his ex-girlfriend, a noted game designer named Zoe Quinn, had cheated on him with several men in the gaming industry — one of them a writer for the Gawker media-owned blog Kotaku. – Quinn’s ex-boyfriend appeared to imply within his post that her relationship with a Kotaku writer earned her game, Depression Quest, favourable coverage on the popular video game-themed blog — an implication that many online ran with. – “Quinn turned into the victim of an aggressive attack on her personal life, which included threats of rape, hacking attempts, at least one death threat and doxxing, or the Internet-based practice of publishing private information about an individual,” explained Abigail Elise of the IBTimes. “Those who attempted to defend Quinn from the attacks were given the label ‘social justice warriors,’ quickly escalating into a virulent attack against Quinn and the ethics of video game journalism. Journalists who refused to cover what seemed to be a very public examination of a woman’s private life were labeled gaming journalism conspirators, and a black list was even circulated by gamergate supporters.-”  —djo—}

-Community- Kissing protesters flood British grocery store to protest treatment of lesbian couple   {  }



Fibrepotic Cable

Fibreoptic Cable.

“Local / New Bruswick”

Moncton the hub of a fibreoptic superhighway  { Let’s hope that corporations don’t decide they can arbitrarily slow down fibreoptic connections just because they can.  —djo— }

New Brunswick gas prices hit 20-month low    {  }

Pension perk for deputy ministers should be cut, ex-MLA says  { * Talk to me about government spending cuts after they allow Walter Burien and a crew of loudmouth squawkers examine all their books, especially the ones they believe we don’t know about, and dig into all their income streams and report their findings live on every media outlet, commercial and otherwise *  —djo— }

Fredericton veteran thinks he has a piece of Franklin Expedition ship    {  }

Brian Gallant plans Alberta tour to back Energy East project   { * What would a whole new system of government look and feel like where thieving, lying, power abuseing politicians and authority abusing law enforcement officials and personnel wake up on an island, at the mercy of mother nature, with no weapons, very little food, very little shelter, no wood to build a raft, no bottles to fill with messages and cast into the currents, all surrounded by starving sharks and polar bears?  —djo—   }



Google Enchanted Owl Doodle

Inuit Artist Kenojuak Ashevak was honoured by Google with this doodle on what would have beeh her 87th birthday.

“First Nations”

-Updated- First Nations family’ss refusal of chemo a precedent-setting case, expert says    {  }

Winnipeg mayoral hopefuls square off at chamber of commerce debate   {  }

First Nations Bank opens branch in Yellowknife   {  }

Family says body found in North Saskatchewan river was Beatrice Adam, 36   {  }

Three big ‘whoppers’ told about the Ring of Fire   { *This ‘Ring of Fire’ is a mining operation in northern Ontario. A mining expert says the promise of its mineral development area has been overstated.  —jim w— }

University of Regina said the number of First Nations students is up by 50 per cent over the past 5 years  {  }

Hunt quotas cut for southern population of polar bears   {  }

Watchdog says B.C. government ignoring recommendations to help children   {  }



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