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Thursday, 06 November, 2014 – News Headlines:

Thursday, 06 November, 2014  -( 44˚F / +7˚C –  Raining with fog patches around  @ 2:30 pm near Ithaca )-  -( 46˚F / +8˚C –  Still messy snow on the ground, grey sky overhead with interesting patterns in the clouds – parallel smudges? @ 3:45 pm Closer to Halifax —jda—)-   —  { Headlines compiled by douglas j otterson & jim wellington, with help from —jda— }

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Net neutrality tweet

Tweeted by @occupyWallStNYC Retweeted by Fight for the Future. I have no idea why they might appeal to Pres. Obama. —djo—

Lots of tweets

Paris, Brussels and Alex Jones. The juxtaposition is priceless. There is also a lot going on in Palestine and Jerusalem.





Lead Articles: Today’s Theme?: Dirty deeds done dirt cheap? ooops —  { -jda-‘s NaBloPoMo entry is #1066. Jim’s NaNoWriMo Novel is up to 18,000 words already. }



Train conductor missing after derailment into river  { * “A train conductor is missing after a locomotive derailed and plummeted to the river below north of Sept-Îles, Que., according to preliminary reports.” *  —djo—  }

-Analysis- Why Scotiabank is cutting jobs while earning billions: Don Pittis   { * “Scotiabank, Canada’s third-biggest bank and 10th-biggest company, is cutting 1,500 jobs and scaling back on risk. Don Pittis says part of the reason is that it wants to be ready to cope with the uncertainties of the Canadian property market.” *   —djo— }

What a baby’s death reveals about Nunavut’s health care   { * – “Nunavut put the public health of Cape Dorset “at risk” by mishandling a nurse facing numerous complaints, according to internal government emails obtained by CBC News. The government ended up promoting her to the community’s top nursing post.” *   —djo— }

-Analysis- Keystone XL pipeline prospects get boost from U.S. election results   { * “U.S. Senate election results give Keystone XL pipeline supporters more clout in Washington, maybe enough to overcome President Barack Obama’s veto power.” *  —djo— }

Star Wars sequel title — The Force Awakens — Announced, then mocked by fans  { * “The makers of the next Star Wars movie announced on Twitter today that principal photography has been completed. Oh, and, by the way, the movie now has an actual title. Yes, Star Wars Episode VII will be called The Force Awakens.” *  —djo— }

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Pres. Obama

President Obama looking thoughtful?

Thursday: 065 November, 2014 – “Developing News” Flashing Headlines:

CRTC bans 30-day notice for TV, web, phone service changes  {  }

Honda investing $857M in 3 Ontario auto plants   {  }

Montreal’s SNC-Lavalin to slash global workforce by 4,000   {  }

RCMP arrests ‘high-risk-traveller’ upon return to Canada  {  }

Health Canada study: No link between wind turbines, illnesses  {  }

Train conductor missing after derailment in eastern Quebec {  }

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Tom Brokaw with Cell phone

Tom Brokaw’s Cell Phone dings.


Tom Brokaw’s phone interrupts live election coverage: ‘Yes, I will remember to bring home the milk’  {  }

Man to be eaten alive by anaconda on TV, everyone horrified  {   }

Big ‘groundhog; fossil from age of dinosaurs rewrites mammal history    {   }

Saskatoon-made drone flies into Smithsonian collection   {   }

Squirrels on steroids run wild in Canadian Arctic   {   }



two guys photos

Liberal MPs involved in Misconduct allegations

“Most Viewed”

CRTC bans 30-day notice for cancelling TV, phone, internet   { * – Canadians no longer have to give a 30-day notice to cancel or change their television, internet or landline telephone service, the CRTC says. – In a release, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission said it is “prohibiting television service providers from requiring that Canadians give 30 days’ notice prior to cancelling these services.” – *  & I thought this might be an article about the CRTC -Canadian version of the FCC?-telling cable companies, etc. that they no longer had to give subscribers a 30-day notice before they made major changes to their services. This is refreshing. *  —djo— }

Conductor missing after Quebec freight train derails in landslide  {  }

Franz Prokop, ex-B.C. councillor, loses $3.6M Lotto 6/49 lawsuit   { * – Former Maple Ridge, B.C., councillor Franz Prokop has lost a lawsuit that claimed his ex-partner’s son had stolen his winning $3.6-million lottery ticket. – Prokop’s lawyers told the court in New Westminster that he bought the Lotto 6/49 ticket while shopping in August 2007 with his common-law partner, Angelina Dushop, and that after the draw, she realized the ticket was a winner. – The Coquitlam realtor claimed Dushop’s son, Peter Dushop, had access to the couple’s home, took the ticket from Prokop’s desk and then claimed the ticket 11 months later. – Dushop — who is also a realtor — denied the accusation, and testified that he had bought the ticket. He also noted the winning ticket contained numbers representing his and his mother’s birthdays. – Flawed testimony – In a ruling released this week, B.C. Supreme Court Justice Robert Crawford found problems with the testimony of Dushop, his mother and Prokop. – “I was not impressed with the semantic dance over the purchase of the lottery ticket,” Crawford said in his reasons for judgment. – Crawford ruled it was likely Dushop’s mother used her credit card to buy the ticket, using Dushop’s numbers, and that Prokop paid the Visa bill. – The judge believed the ticket was put away in a safety deposit box, because Angelina Dushop feared Prokop would want a share of the winnings. – But Crawford ruled Prokop failed to prove his case the ticket was his, and that it was stolen by Peter Dushop. – “The plaintiff has failed to establish both of these facts and accordingly the plaintiff’s claim must fail,” the judge said. – *  —djo— }

Wind turbine noise not linked to health problems, Health Canada finds   {   }

What a Cape Dorset baby’s death reveals about Nunavut’s health care    {  }

Luka Magnotta did not need constant care: jail psychiatrist   {  }

Fake online reviews: 4 ways companies can deceive you   {  }

OC Transpo bus stops under Via Rail crossing warning arm   {   }

Phil Rudd, AC/DC drummer, charged in murder for hire plot  {  }

Republicans may have trouble making Washinton’s hogs ‘squeal’: Neil Macdonald   {   }

-13 photo slide show- Winners and losers in U.S. midterm elections   {   }

-Blog- Man to be eaten alive by anaconda on TV, everyone horrified  { * -According to Discovery, “naturalist and wildlife filmmaker Paul Rosolie will enter the belly of an anaconda in a custom-built snake-proof suit” in its Dec. 7 special Eaten Alive.- * I bet the snake is not a party to ‘advised consent’. *  —djo—  }




Arctic Ground Squirrel


No need for 30-day notice to switch internet, cable or phone service, CRTC says  { * Why weren’t earlier headlines linking to this article this clear? *  —djo—  }

-New- Wind turbines can be annoying, but not harmful, Health Canada finds   { * But anyone living within 200 meters of high powered electric lines has a much higher risk of developing leukemia, Did Health Canada figure that into their equations?  *  —djo—  }

Luka Magnotta did not need constant care: jail psychiatrist   {   }

-Analysis- Mrs. Castrator goes to Washington, round up the hogs: Neil Macdonald   {  }

NO luck in lotto lawsuit: B.C. realtor loses $3.6M win to ex-partner’s son   {  }

Faking it: 4 ways companies artificially boost their online reputations    {  }

Leaked files expose global companies’ secret tax deals in Luxembourg  {  }

Harassment allegations against 2 Liberal MPs rest with secretive committee    {  }

How a Bruce Springsteen concert helped bring down the Berlin Wall   {  }

Miranda Lambert makes history at the 2014 CMAs   {  }

Toronto-to-New York bus crash sends 26 to hospital   {  }

The right way — and wrong way — to keep your poppy in place   {  }

Florida advocate defies law against feeding the homeless    {   }

SNC-Lavalin to axe 4,000 jobs   {  }

-Updated- AC/DC drummer charged in murder-for-hire plot   {  }

-Must Watch-  Train derails near Sept-Iles    {  }

-Must Watch- London’s Flanders Fields Memorial    {   }

-Must Watch- Coyote attack in Burlington   {   }

-Editor’s Pick- Busting the Berlin Wall    {    }

-Editor’s Pick- Death and denial in Cape Dorset    {  }

-Editor’s Pick- Barack Obama doesn’t have to be a ‘lame-duck’ president   {   }



guy with gas pump label

Gas Pump Labels

“Local / New Brunswick”

Fredericton students pitch climate change warning labels for gas pumps   {   }

Real Food Connections seeks local investors to expand   {   }

Moncton ‘park golfer’ given 1-year community based sentence   {  }

Family of Morgan Dunbar wants to help others after teen’s suicide   {  }

Horizon Health to survey hospital patient twice a year   {   }



AFN Candidates

Assembly of First Nations candidates.

“First Nations”

Three candidates for AFN National Chief   { * “Ghislain Picard, Perry Bellegarde and Leon Jourdaine are the three official candidates in the running to become the National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations, a position which Shawn Atleo resigned from in May amid some conflict.” *  —djo— }

AFN national chief candidates address key issues in election  {  }

Head of B.C. Missing Women Commission says no to national inquiry   { * “Wally Oppal, the commissioner of the British Columbia Missing Women Commission, is saying no to the possibility of a national inquiry into more than 1,100 missing and murdered aboriginal women in Canada.” * *** He says now is the time for action, not an inquiry. ***  —djo— }

Bill Lyall, former Central Arctic MLA, publishes new book  { * “Bill Lyall of Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, was in Iqaluit yesterday to launch his new book, which tells the story of the co-operative movement in the Arctic and himself” *  —djo—  }

-Feature- Nunavut put community’s health ‘at risk’ by mishandling nurse  { * -When a baby in a Nunavut hamlet died of a lung infection in 2012, questions arose about the nurse who allegedly failed to treat him. A CBC investigation reveals a history of complaints about the nurse and a government that refused to fire her.- *  —djo— }

Hydro ‘cautiously optimistic’ about steps to end Jenpeg occupation  {  }

3 deaths in Iqaluit related to prescription Tylenol overdose  {  }

Oskayak high school students hold round dance for missing women  {  }

-Video- Derek Nepinak calls for boycott of Sun Media, Winnipeg Sun newspaper  {  }

Minister of Child Services offers Onigaming support after suicides   {  }

Indigenous physician brings unique perspective to her practice  {  }

Transit rider wants Lift Plus service to Fort William First Nation  {  }

Facing suicide rates on remote First Nations: Why leaving may not be an option {  }

-8 Photos- Kinder Morgan pipeline: First Nations fight back with fish  {  }


{ The ‘First Nations Page’ is actually called ‘Aboriginal’ on the CBC web site, but some First Nations object to that title, so we renamed it here.  —djo— }




{ This is what greeted me this week when I fired up my Twitter pages.  ———djo——— }

Net neutrality tweet

@ Retweeted: @guardiantech by @fightfortheftr


“Hey, don’t look stupid- fix your map” —jda—


Harper’s Approach to Climate Change

Stephen Harper sux big time

“Everybody I know realizes that Stephen Harper is bad news for Canada, bad news for the world. What I cannot understand is how the bleep does he convince his ‘followers’ to buy his bull chips?” —djo—

Ack 11-01-2014

“Income Splitting” = “We take what’s yours, good luck living on what’s left.” The Soundtrack should include Thunderclap Newman. “Because the Rev O Lution’s Now!”

Orwell on war

“George Orwell Quote” = “If you draw your sword, you’ve been bought and sold by the dark side.” -djo-



“Conspiracy Watch” was busy last week. This is one of a dozen similar quotes they posted. I’m not sure whether this was the original word for word phrase that may have been edited since Ben Franklin uttered it, or not. Wouldnt it be weird if we learned that many nuggets of wisdom we cherish were uttered in a drunken stupor? -djo-

{ – “Oh, Dang! There’s just too many good and topical tweets this morning. If we post them all here, we’ll never get to our Daily Schnarr-Fest.” –  —djo— }


 { We’ve been doing this because we believe the CBC may be more honest and more respectable than Media in the U.S.A., & not a lot of people in the U.S. may know that or have access to anyone who might point them toward the CBC & their web site. }
{ & again, these are not links. If you want to read these stories, listen to sound clips, or see any video -if there is any video- go to CBC dot CA/news.— & You can also find a link to the web cast of the most recent broadcast of “The National” the CBC’s ‘flagship nightly newscast’ under the “Must Watch” heading on their main page. — Thanks. — & Jim W convinced me to take credit for this, above.  ———djo——— }


 Other Sources:

FFTF Nov 2014

“Call out the instigators, because there’s something in the air-” NEVER Surrender! —djo—

Comcast Horror Stories

Comcast Horror Stories

{  Um, most of the people I know would have told you to ignore Comcast if they were trying to double bill you. Don’t cave in to ice-holes – when you do, they win. When they win, they come down harder on their next victim. You aided and abetted their extortion operations.  —djo— }

War Is Terrorism

War Is Terrorism

{   “Anyone who would give up a little liberty for a little security will deserve neither and lose both.” —Benjamin Franklin   }

{ “Any politician, police, military, or would be authoritarian of any stripe, who would capitalize on an event like yesterday’s in Ottawa: clearly does not deserve any respect at all, let alone the authority they demand.” — douglas j otterson }

 { Here’s a quote for you, not about yesterday and Ottawa but the philosophy applies: “The critical studies about #Ferguson in a decade will be fascinating. Because we are building this plane as we fly.” —deray mckesson }




{ “Banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies” —Thomas Jefferson }

French Cartoon.

“What can one do to reduce the fear of terrorism?” / “Click!”


{ “On the shore dimly seen through the mists of the deep,
Where the foe’s haughty host in dread silence reposes,
What is that which the breeze, o’er the towering steep,
As it fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses?
Now it catches the gleam of the morning’s first beam,
In full glory reflected now shines in the stream:
‘Tis the star-spangled banner, O! long may it wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

2nd verse of  “Defence of Fort M’Henry” By Francis Scott Key }


70,000 dead fish in Ohio.

Tweeted, “It is the legeslators who should go to Jail for this-” 70,000 dead fish in Ohio? —Frack Halliburton?—


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