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Monday, 17 November, 2014 – News Headlines:

Monday, 17 November, 2014  -( 38˚F / +3˚C –  & raining out there @ 1:30 pm near Ithaca )-  -( 32˚F / +0˚C –  With Light Snow making it beautiful outside @ 3:00 pm Closer to Halifax —jda—)-   —  { Headlines compiled by douglas j otterson & jim wellington, with help from —jda— }

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— “Other Media” :  —

french pipeline warning

Our friend, Draelen, sent us this- “Project #pipeline #energyEast: Levisiens want a referendum. The opposition intensifies [& Link] & 1 reply:  @patbonin Referendum? The people have been brainwashed and are afraid it goes better for the cowardly minority than the stubborn- (?) “

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"Stick Your Pipelines!"

Double-Tweet: Stop the pipeline – stop Kinder-Morgan & “Injunct This!” vs KinderMorgan on Burnaby Mountain. Many Canadians don’t want pipelines.

Police Brutality in Greece

Thanks to Draelen again, – Police Brutality at a rally commemorating the 17th of November uprising against the Facist Military Regime- Remember the movie “Z” ? [ “Z with a horizontal bar, like a European # 7?” ]

Polar Bears and Climate Change

“Uht-” Looks like the Bear of the Day is White today. —djo—

Links >>—-> The definitive ranking of ridiculous and misleading Conservative names for bills put before Canadian Parliament:

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Recent earthquakes in Alberta linked to fracking: study  {  }


If you really want to see all of today’s CBC headlines go to their website, listed as a link below this line:



Lead Articles: Today’s Theme?: “Million$ earmarked for security at Canadian diplomatic missions left unspent; Energy East pipeline ‘advocates’ targed in TransCanada PR move; Tattoo-removal procedures leave clients ‘horrified’, scarred for life; & Electric vehicles move closer to widespread use, say experts.”

Orange Cats Are Trouble

If an Orange Cat is behind this, the world is in for one heck of an interesting ride- —djo—

Today’s lead article on the CBC /news/ page = “Million$ earmarked for security at Canadian diplomatic missions left unspent” – “A CBC News investigation shows the Foreign Affairs Department has failed to spend millions of dollars earmarked over the last three years for boosting security at diplomatic missions abroad.” .  —jim w—


 >>—->  We Are All One Spirit  <—-<<

cool photo

“Australians bury heads in sand to mock government climate stance” -From an article listed earlier in “Offbeat”. —djo—

The second Lead Article today: “Energy East pipeline ‘advocates’ targeted in TransCanada PR move” – Sounded like a bad movie plot to me, with corrupt officials hiring hit men to take out protesters. But, the caption clears that up with, “TransCanada is launching an aggressive campaign to get public support and recruit “advocates” for its Energy East pipeline.”  —djo—


Stop Sign

“Dalhousie Program”


Struggling with your grades? Take an STD test for bonuse points   { * & I remember an old Playboy Magazine cartoon where a University level school nurse is questioning a horrified co-ed, “What do you mean you’ve never had an STD? Aren’t you ‘Popular’?”  —djo— }

Australian police in charge of Harper’s G20 motorcade poke fun at Bieber, Céline   {  * & Don’t forget Nickelback *  —djo— }

Drunk birds sober up in Environment Yukon holding tank   {   }

What caused a million spiders to ‘balloon’ out of this field at once?   { * Did somebody tell the spiders that if they stayed they’d be subjected to Justin Bieber music? *  —djo—  }

===== Greatest recent ‘Offbeat’ hits ===== >>——>

Microsoft fixes 19-year old Windows bug  { * – Microsoft Corp issued patches on Tuesday to fix a bug in its Windows operating system that remained undiscovered for 19 years. – The bug, which is present in every version of Microsoft Windows from Windows 95 onward, allows an attacker to remotely take over and control a computer.

– IBM Corp’s cybersecurity research team discovered the bug in May, describing it as a “significant vulnerability” in the operating system. – “The buggy code is at least 19 years old and has been remotely exploitable for the past 18 years,” IBM X-Force research team said in its blog on Tuesday. – *

*** The bugs were not “undiscovered”, Government Hackers spoke about this on Coast to Coast A.M. before the summer of 2002. Art Bell was the host. This program is not listed in the current Coast to Coast A.M. archives, at least I could not find it by searching ‘hackers’. 3 men who were quite ‘enthusiastic’ and talkative about their experience working for hackers for US Government agencies that ‘officially do not exist’ -one of them told us he has an ashtray with one of those officially non-existent agency’s official logo on it- told us that microsoft was fully aware of holes in their operating system but were not going to do anything about it because the government of the US liked it the way it was. They said it was simple for any hacker to get into your computer if you were ‘running windows’ -“Especially if you have printer sharing turned on.” && They also said they liked Apple Computers back then because it was possible to tell a Mac to do only one thing at a time, not like windows computers which could have all sorts of nonsense going on undetected in the background.  – AND Another Coast to Coast A.M. guest, much more recently, related talking to a computer pioneer a long time ago, when dial ups were the latest thing, and when the computer guy finished showing him something, he would not leave the room without shutting off his computer, and disconnecting the phone line from his computer. When the C2C guest asked the computer guy what that was all about, the computer guy said that he, as in insider, knew that the US Government could already get into anyone’s computer that was connected to Delphi or GEnie or AOL, even if the computer had been turned off. — And, now that almost every computer in the world has WiFi capabilities- you can never fully disconnect yourself from the possibility that they can turn your computer on and gather any information you have, or were ever connected to- any time they want to do that- With the possible exception that you might be ‘safe’ if you live inside a Faraday cage, a hundred feet or more beneath the surface of this planet. Welcome to the future, it sucks.  —jim w—   }



Electric Vehicle at charging station

New Electric Vehicle at a charging station

“Most Viewed”

Tattoo-removal procedures leave clients ‘horrified’, scarred for life   {   }

Pat Perkins to be next MP for Whitby-Oshawa, CBC News projects   {  }

Brentwood homicide victims’ families issue plea to Calgary media  {   }

Sea star wasting disease likely caused by virus  {  }

Peter Kent, B.C. councillor, promises to she himself on fire in YouTube video  {   }

Conservative Jim Eglinski elected in Yellowhead riding   {   }

Electric vehicles move closer to widespread use, experts say  {   }

Calgary sex assault: 2 brothers charged after teen taken from bust stop   {   }

Jerusalem synagogyue leaves 4 dead, police shoot 2 suspects  {   }

Foreign Affairs lets millions of security dollars lapse   {   }

-9 photo slide show- Nine awkward political moments   {   }

-Blog-  Time magazine apologized for including ‘feminist’ in poll for words to ban   {   }


-Blog-  ‘Terrifying new app Beam Messengers lets users see text messages as they’re being typed {   }

Tory anti-pot ad mocked and condemned by YouTube viewers  {  * Link *  }




Arctic Ground Squirrel


Antibiotic resistance poses ‘alarming’ health threat in Europe, a blind spot in Canada  {  }

Psychiatrist who assessed Magnotta worked for police and then the defence   {   }

WestJet reaches tentative deal with its 1,200 pilots   {  }

Average Canadian home now worth more than ever  { * They should probably replace the word “worth” with “costs”.  —djo— }

-New-  :

-Must Watch- MH17 crash aftermath   { * Amateur cellphone video captures immediate aftermath of Malaysian Airlines Flight crash in Eastern Ukraine *  —djo— }

-Must Watch- Greenpeace confrontation on the high seas    { * “Greenpeace demo turns ugly as Spanish navy boats ram their Zodiacs during a protest against undersea drilling. *  —djo—  *** Now, here’s the dilemma: Greenpeace believes they’re trying to save the world from evil bad guys destroying the planet and ruining all our lives. Police and Military believe they’re trying to protect the world from law-breaking bad guys. I can see both sides, but I believe the Greenpeace guys are on ‘correct’ side in this. ***  —jim w— }

-Must Watch- Santa robbry caught on tape   { * An Australian guy in a santa claus suit, with a fake beard, cleared out two cash registers, put the money in his Santa toy sack and escaped in less than a minute. Do you know any kids who might guess that that’s how the real Santa might be able to afford all those presents he gives away every year? *  —djo—  }

-Editor’s Pick- Pornography, kids and sex education: what to do?   { * The article says, “Porn industry is the main sex educator of kids, says child advocate” * What do you think? Maybe somebody with the backing of Medical, Psychological, Ethical, Moral and Legal sensitivity and sensibilities should make a video that shows kids how it’s done, what to look out for and how to avoid problems and parents should leave it somewhere where they know the kids will find it and write, “Don’t you dare watch this!” on a sticky note? That might work.  —djo— }

-Editor’s Pick- How marijuana got so strong and what it means for legalization    {  }

-Editor’s Pick- Canada’s record on child poverty is ‘bloody terrible’    {   }

===== Keep around for a while? : ===== 

-djo’s Editor’s Pick- Questionable cancer ‘cures’    { * From Friday – Doctors and researchers know and have known since 1925 that sugar feeds cancer cells. Starve the Cells – kill the cancer. Effective herbs and naturally occurring ingredients in some plants also shrink and eliminate most cancerous growths but this information is supressed by Big Pharmaceutical companies who do not care if theire stuff kills you, they want to make a profit on your suffering. The really questionable stuff comes from ‘Big Pharma’ and the the Doctors they pay to spread their lies.    —djo—   }

-djo’s Editor’s Pick- Sugar wars    { * From Friday: “White sugar, brown sugar, honey, juice? It’s all the same, nutritionally speaking.” * But what is significant here are the omissions: GMO modified sugars might even be ‘nutritionally’ as good as ‘Pure Cane Sugar’ BUT- the modified stuff will rot you from the inside out a lot quicker. GMO food is poison. *  —djo— }



War Memorial

“Remembrance Day”

“Local / New Brunswick”

PC Glen Savoie wins Saint John East byelection     { *  We didn’t ‘publish’ this earlier today because I wanted to include a winner here, if one clearly emerged. Then I fell asleep. Sorry- My sweetie says if I apologize enough people will think I’ve been a Canadian all along. 🙂  —djo— —in New York State— }

School dress code ‘sexualizes’ young women, feminist group says  {   }

Judge to rule on public release of evidence in Justin Bourque case   { *** News organizations and civil rights watchdogs want the information released. Those who believe they shouldn’t release that evidence say it might bother the families of the deceased. ***  —jim w—  }

Catch limits increase for endangered bluefin tuna called ‘short-sighted’   {   }



AFN Candidates

Assembly of First Nations candidates.

“First Nations”

Three candidates for AFN National Chief   { * “Ghislain Picard, Perry Bellegarde and Leon Jourdaine are the three official candidates in the running to become the National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations, a position which Shawn Atleo resigned from in May amid some conflict.” *  —djo— }

>>——> Most Recent Articles Below this line <——<< 

First Nations students in Ontario and Alberta failing in literacy, math  {  }

-Opinion- ‘Oh, we are all racists’  {  }

-Photos- Petition to put women on Canadian banknotes draws nearly 50K signatures  {  }

Métis educator Bryanna Scott seeks to build bridges  {  }

Rinelle Harper only one part of Winnipeg’s race divide  {  }

-Analysis- Mirror, mirror on Winnipeg’s wall  {  }

-Photos- 1st indigenous circumpolar women’s gathering wraps up  {  }

Lawrence Martin elected Mushkegowuk Grand Chief  {  }

No bodies found under barn where Glenna Mae Breckenridge says her dad buried boys  {  }

-Video- Chemotherapy ruling  {  }

‘Little affinity between native spirituality and Christianity’, says pastor  { * Rumours from the spiritual community of Truth Seekers who look beyond dogma believe that ‘Saint Paul’ was a false prophet maneuvered into power by Romans who wanted to control the new ‘Christian’ church, and succeeded. Therefore ‘Little affinity exists between “Modern Christianity” and what Jesus taught us.’ *  —djo— }

-8 Photos- Kinder Morgan pipeline: First Nations fight back with fish  {  }

>>>———> { —jda— has kindly ‘built us’ an archives page for “First Nations/Indigenous” headlines we thought were important to keep around, maybe too long.  —djo— }<———<<<

{ We have moved a lot of headlines related to First Nations / Indigenous issues to a Page >>>———>  http://www.aerendel.org/wp03/?page_id=340  <———<<< on —jda—‘s blog   —djo— }



{ This is what still grabs me – from Twitter – We’re trying to trim this down, I wanted to delete these below and start fresh, but they seem a little too important to me right now.  ———djo——— }

11 steps to fascism

“11 steps to Fascism” I forgot where this came from. bad me.  —djo—

Orwell on war

“George Orwell Quote” = “If you draw your sword, you’ve been bought and sold by the dark side.” -djo-



“Conspiracy Watch” was busy last week. This is one of a dozen similar quotes they posted. I’m not sure whether this was the original word for word phrase that may have been edited since Ben Franklin uttered it, or not. Wouldnt it be weird if we learned that many nuggets of wisdom we cherish were uttered in a drunken stupor? -djo-

{ – “Oh, Dang! There’s just too many good and topical tweets this morning. If we post them all here, we’ll never get to our Daily Schnarr-Fest.” –  —djo— }




{   “Anyone who would give up a little liberty for a little security will deserve neither and lose both.” —Benjamin Franklin   }

{ “Any politician, police, military, or would be authoritarian of any stripe, who would capitalize on an event like yesterday’s in Ottawa: clearly does not deserve any respect at all, let alone the authority they demand.” — douglas j otterson }

 { Here’s a quote for you, not about yesterday and Ottawa but the philosophy applies: “The critical studies about #Ferguson in a decade will be fascinating. Because we are building this plane as we fly.” —deray mckesson }


{ “Banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies” —Thomas Jefferson }

French Cartoon.

“What can one do to reduce the fear of terrorism?” / “Click!”



Fracking linked to Alberta earthquakes, study indicates  { * – Carmen Langer had just left his bed to grab a drink of water when he felt his house northeast of Peace River, Alta., begin to shake. – “At first I thought I wasn’t feeling very good that day… and it was just my blood sugar, but no, it shook pretty good,” Langer said about the Nov. 2 incident.

– Moments after the shaking stopped, his neighbours were calling, asking if he had felt what they just felt. – “After a few minutes, I realized it was an earthquake,” Langer said. – There was a small earthquake on Nov. 2 in Peace River, just northeast of Peace River. The recently published study involving Alberta researcher Jeff Gu indicates fracking may trigger earthquakes in the province.  – Natural Resources Canada (NRC) registered a small, 3.0-magnitude earthquake that was “lightly felt” from Three Creeks to St. Isidor in northern Alberta at 11:14 p.m. MT. NRC said on its website there were no reports of damage, and that “none would be expected.” – Jeff Gu, a seismologist at the University of Alberta, said the earthquake could have been caused by shifting rock formations in the region — but added there could be another possible explanation. – “Certainly that region is not immune to earthquake faulting, but I would say having actual earthquakes in that area is relatively recent, relatively new,” he said. – Gu is one of three authors of a recently published study in the Journal of Geophysical Research, a peer-reviewed publication that looked at four years of earthquake data around Rocky Mountain House. The study concludes that waste-water injection into the ground is highly correlated with spikes in earthquake activity in the area. – It is the first study of its kind conducted in Canada that links industrial activity to induced earthquakes. – “The conclusion was that the industrial activities could, in some cases, potentially trigger or facilitate earthquake occurrences,” Gu said. – Alberta earthquakes increasing – Since 1985, fewer than 15 earthquakes above a 3.0 magnitude have been recorded anywhere in Alberta, according to the Alberta Geological Survey’s website. There has been an increase in earthquake activity since the 1960s, the organization says. – The Peace River earthquake is not the only one that has shaken the province in the past few months:

  • In October, a 2.7-magnitude quake was recorded about four kilometres southwest of Banff.
  • In August, a 4.3-magnitude earthquake was registered near Rocky Mountain House, causing about 500 customers in the area to lose power for several hours.

– Gu said the research into whether waste-water induction and fracking are related to earthquakes is still “really a work in progress.” –  “There has been more and more evidence, increasing evidence, in the last few years in particular — in Arkansas, in Texas and actually more recently here,” Gu said. – But he said there is nothing to fear right now. – “I’m not worried until we get a conclusive answer on whether these are caused by industry or not, whether they are naturally occurring,” Gu said. – Langer, however, is worried. – “With all the stuff that’s going on in my community, I’m feeling quite concerned about it,” he said. “We’re having all kinds of environmental problems in the community… Something has to give here.” – *  —djo—   }

Vancouver voters elect largest Green caucus in Canadian History  {  }


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