Sunday, 08 February, 2015 – Rethinking The News:

Sunday, 08 February, 2015  -( +24˚F / -24˚C  & not dark yet @ 5:30 pm near Ithaca )-  -( +7˚F / -14˚C   & just turned dark & cloudy  @ 6:30 pm Closer to Halifax —jim w—)-   —  { Headlines compiled by douglas j otterson & jim wellington, with help from —jda— } { Some things change, some articles remain. Do you know where your survival kit is?  —djo— }

Equality Means Equality

“Equality for All” – Nobody should be “more equal” than anybody else in the eyes of the law.

{ Today’s Birthdays : Saint Proclus, the patriarch of Constantinople was born on this date in the year 412. Emporer Sakuramichi of Japan was born on this day in the year 1720 and died in the year 1750. U.S. General William Techumseh Sherman was born on this date in 1820, Our friends south of the Mason-Dixon line will not take it kindly if you celebrate this one. Maxime Du Camp, a French writer/traveler was born on this day in 1822 and Jules Verne gasped his first breaths in France on this date in 1828. They’ve got Dame Edith Evans listed as being born on this date in 1885 and 1888. Lana Turner was born on this day in 1920 and Jack Lemmon was born on this date in 1925. James Dean was born on February 8th, 1931.  Jack Larson, who played Jimmy Olsen on the orginal Superman television show was born on Frebruary 8th, 1933. Ted Koppel, ABC TV News Anchor was born in Lancashire England on this date  in 1940. Nick Nolte, the actor made his human debut in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1941 the same day that Tom Rush was born in New Hampshire. Brooke Adams the actress will celebrate again today, and Mary Steenburgen will also celebrate her birthday today. John Grisham, the writer – and Gary Coleman, the actor – Were also born on a February 8th. You can find all this and more at  }

{ Canadian Headlines :

Rescue specialists ready to join search for RCAF member missing in Avalanche.   { * Royal Canadian Air Force search and rescue technician, Mark Salesse, was swept away during an avalanche in Banff National Park on Thursday, His family is ‘preparing for the worst’ as the search continues with little hope left that he might be found alive. *  }

Smalll B.C. village evacuated after record snowfall cuts power for 3 days   {* It bothers me that I hear so much about Canadian citizens being ordered to evacuate their homes so often lately. It doesn’t feel right. It feels like ‘authorities’ are demanding that everybody adhere to a ‘herd mentality’ and do what they’re told without question, because, hey, the government knows best what is good for you, doesn’t it? *NOT!*  —djo— }

At least 22 killed in Egyptian soccer riot   { * We’ve heard that ‘Soccer Riots’ occur. Soccer fans have a reputation for being a volitile bunch. I’m getting to the point where I don’t know if I want to believe any official government news release, or any main stream media report about any kind of riot, anywhere. They could show us video of the latest riots in some exotic country and tell us the people are rioting over Howdy Doodie’s birthday, or show us some official government book burning and tell us there was a popular uprising because ‘those people’ hate our freedoms, so hey, we better limit those freedoms of yours because terrorists want to take them away! -What?- * —djo— }

CRA’s new mandate lets agency pass info to police without judicial warrants   { * I hope this gets shot down by the Canadian Supreme Court. CRA = Canadian Revenue Agency. “Hey, aren’t we wonderful? We allow you peasants a whole list of rights and freedoms. Oh wait, we’ve just taken most of them away from you. We have to protect you from terrorists who want to take your freedoms away from you. So you can’t have any freedom from now on. You understand, right? -No!- *  —djo— }



A Florida based artist has been told to stop selling miniature versions of the Super Bowl halftime ‘character’ sharks.

Offbeat News:

14-lb baby delievered by woman who didn’t know she was pregnant   {  }

Valentine’s Day looms, so here’s on way to deal with rejection   { * A couple of my best friends refer to February 14th as “V.D. Day” – Too many others were never asked to be anybody’s Valentine. Most of you will never know how brutal Valentines Day can be for too many people. Nobody should have to suffer that kind of humiliation. * }

Montreal Mermaid school offers fantasy and fitness   { * I can’t wait for Weird Al to sing us a song called “Mermaid School Dropout” * }

Katy Perry’s lawyer jumps the shark-seller with cease-and-desist letter   {  }



-The Big Chill – Version 2015 – Hits the Maritimes-

Local / New Brunswick / Maritime News:

The big chill: Cold Temperatures continue in Maritimes   {   }

Marketing prof urges CNIB to speak out about controversy   { * – A Halifax marketing professor is urging the CNIB to speak out about the current controversy surrounding the organization. – The charity is taking four former Maritime lotto booth operators to court, trying to recover $100,000 of missing money. – The CNIB — an organization that helps visually impaired Canadians — operates lottery booths in stores across Atlantic Canada under a contract with the Atlantic Lottery Corporation, selling ALC products. – Lottery booth operators are not considered employees. Instead, they’re independent contractors hired by the charity. – The former kiosk operators deny any wrongdoing and think the problem rests somewhere else within CNIB. – Under their contracts, they agree to “accept full responsibility and liability for any and all products and/or cash shortages” and to “repay to the CNIB in full any costs associated with or damages incurred relating to such product and/or cash shortage.” – “Your reputation is everything,” said marketing professor Ed McHugh, adding CNIB has one of the strongest charity brands in the country. – He says CNIB’s decision not to speak out about the controversy in detail could hurt its ability to generate donations. – “You know, there’s how many… places and great causes looking for money and now you’ve got one that has this going on. People will think twice before they send their money to this organization,” said McHugh. – *  —djo—   }

Final funding push being made for Saint John social enterprise hub   { * – Saint John social enterprise hub aims to reduce poverty. The idea behind the new building is that it will house organizations and micr entrepreurs in the city which aim to reduce poverty. – The building will be located at 139 Prince Edward Street. – Working together would bring more results, says Saint John community loan fund manager Seth Asimakos. – “We all work together in the area of poverty reduction in an entrepreneurial way. Hopefully, more ideas will germinate faster and with greater quality when we’re all together in the same building,” he said. – The social enterprise hub will house the Community Loan Fund, the Saint John Human Development Council, the Saint John Learning Exchange and the Ponde Deshpande Centre. The building will also be home to several entrepreneurs. – Asimakos says they will be aggressively campaigning over the next 40 days to raise the rest of the money needed for the capital cost of the $2.25 million building. – *  —djo— }

Waterloo Village residents upbeat about plans for former school site   { * – An old high school in uptown Saint John is one step closer to becoming a 34-unit mixed-income apartment building in a neighbourhood where the city is keen to attract development. – St. Vincent’s High School first opened in 1919 as a boys school, then turned into a Catholic girls school in 1954. – Since closing in 2002, it’s been vacant. – Last week, Saint John City Council gave its approval to rezone the area for the development. – There is optimism the project will help revitalize the Waterloo Village area. – “As these projects have done in other areas in the city, they do act as catalysts and pump primers for nearby projects,” said Peter MacKenzie of Comeau MacKenzie Architecture. – MacKenzie hopes to have apartments ready to rent by the spring of 2017. – Linda Scott of the Waterloo Village Association says the project will help bring more people to the neighbourhood. – “Part of our problem is that there’s a lot of transient residents and we have several services and things like that in the area, but anything that’s going to attract more residents will be a good thing,” she said. – *  —djo—  }


{ We’re taking it slow for now, after being ‘down for the count’ / ‘under the weather’ / being beaten up by flu bugs for the last several weeks. Who knows? We might wake up tomorrow full of vim and vinegar and want to dive right back into what we were doing up to near the end of last month. But right now, I don’t even want to think about a lot of the nonsense that is passing for ‘News’ lately.  — Quote Paul Simon? “I get all the news I need from the weather report.” (?) But anyway, we could probably supply you with a barrage of retweeted stuff: Yay? Note to the world: “Hang in there-”  —djo— }

Bow ties on Cats?

“Um —– ” Brilliant! But is that why human men wear those silly things around their necks? Do you know any women who are shallow enough to fall in love with somebody because he’s wearing a bow tie? Or any other weird article of clothing? I never will understand why people wear any kind of ties, Period! —djo—

Equality Rising 2

Hold all politicians accountable.

Sad stupid conservatives

This might almost be funny if Sun TeeVee was trying to poke fun at the worst of Fox TV. The pitiful thing here is, they actually think the ‘viewing public’ will take this b.s. seriously. —djo—


Yay! I found something Positive! & I’ve wanted to hear anything good about Apple since it’s been looking like they’ve embraced the same sleazy-iced ‘Make sure they can’t use last years periferals with this year’s ‘gotta-have-its’ greedy ice-hole marketing strategy. Grumble Grumble…


{ We should quit while we’re ahead? Good Night Amerika – Whatever you are. -wink-  —djo— & friends —  }

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