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Our 15 Minutes of Fame?

—8:18 am, Saturday, May 5th, 2012 : 6˚C / 44˚F at the Ottawa Airport.

Stats for the last couple weeks:

Apr 21 =    04    Apr 22 =   02     Apr 23 =   693     Apr 24 = 1,465     Apr 25 = 6,353    Apr 26 = 1,863     Apr 27 = 2,008     Apr 28 =   905     Apr 29 = 1,039     Apr 30 =   426     May 01 =    214     May 02 =    176     May 03 =    123     May 04 =    76     May 05 @ 8  am =    10.

…..Interesting? The huge flurry of interest began with somebody searching for and finding a story on a C.I.A. plane crash in which it was discovered that there were 4 tonnes of cocaine aboard the C.I.A. airplane.

—I think one of the first comments was, “This is a four year old story-”

A couple comments later somebody said, “Yeah, but we still need to know this stuff.”

—Nobody really cares that the Arnprior, Ontario, Canada Town Council is quietly passing laws that basically poop on the rights of Arnprior Residents and make it legal for them to extort ‘tax’ money and “legal fees” from residents whose crimes include not having enough money to pave their driveways/laneways or taking care of a sick relative’s cat when they already own the legal limit of two cats. Or that the mayor will tell you with a grin that the by-law he doesn’t like has just expired with no such time limit having been applied and no motion or vote to repeal or amend the by-law in question.

—And this is just a case of a local ‘government’ following the lead of the federal ‘government’.

—Quote the Eagles, “Call something Paradise- Kiss it Goodbye-”

—Welcome to Paradise, Please check your rights and liberties at the gate- While you empty your wallet into that gold lined led vault guarded by those nice policemen in riot gear with their machine guns pointed at your heads.-



So Prescott Bush (Father of George Bush the 1st) Helped put Hitler in Power to Bust Unions?

6:20 am Thursday, 03 May. 2012. 11˚C /52˚F @ the Ottawa Airport.

 Webster Tarpley  , researching the Bush Family’s connections with the C.I.A. and  dirty tricks around the world, discovered that Prescott Bush was a share holder in a Nazi bank and was also a partner in a move by bankers to install Adolf Hitler in Germany because they wanted Hitler to bust Unions and drive down the standard of living for the people the banks wanted to control and manipulate? (( Do not take my word for this, click on the link above or here : ( ) read his stuff and check his research. ))

& Along those lines:

“Banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies.” –Thomas Jefferson.

The American Revolution was fought as much against Brittish Banking institutions as anything else. The colonies which later became the U.S.A. had their own currency system in place and were doing okay with that, until the British banking system lobbied and received a mandate that the colonies pay their taxes to Britain in British Bank notes. British Bank Notes were very hard to get in the colonies and this rule meant that taxes were inflated astronomically. (The U.S. fought accepting the British model of banking for nearly 200 years, until the Federal Reserve System was instituted in the nineteen twenties or thirties.) ((The British also fought against that economic model, in which the banks held the power over the government, until William of Orange came to power.))

When I told a friend about Webster Tarpley’s research, she asked, “So who’s behind the little Hitler who’s in charge of Canada these days and who is also going after Unions and destroying the middle class?” Umm, well isn’t Harper modeling himself after the U.S. Conservative Republicans? I mean, we can’t exactly credit this guy with having a lot of creative imagination, can we? ((“Do Conservatives worship the great thinkers of the past because they can’t think of anything for themselves?” —quick, tell me who said that. & win a free subscription to this free web site for life. 😉 ))

So where are we now? About to repeat what???

—wish us luck, and stop believing what you see on network news.


I don’t know, should I change the title of this blog?

—4:46 am, Monday, 30 April, 2012 (( 0˚C /  30˚F in Arnprior ))

Not everything written here recently applies directly to Arnprior.

We are all interconnected with everyone else in the universe, (and maybe with other, hopefully more enlightened, more spiritually evolved, universes above and / or beyond here).

But calling this the “inter-dimensional/intergalactic news” doesn’t quite  cut it for me.

If anyone out there has a better suggestion, let me know-



We Need New Words.

— 3:40 am Sunday, 29 April, 2012… (-1˚C / 30˚F in Arnprior)

Joel Skousen ( just said “All American Presidents since Ronald Raegen have been puppets to the ‘Globalists’.”

What the bleep is a globalist? It sounds like people using this buzzword apply it to: “a conspiracy of Elitists who believe they have the right to pull the strings, to manipulate ‘the great unwashed’ and sacrifice 4 or 5 billion people to insure their positions as secret dictators, invisible, out of the line of fire, safe in their bunkers, sitting on piles of gold and silver and laughing at the people they intend to butcher for fun and profit.”

I don’t think that has anything at all in common with any concept of ‘globalism’.

Who would have anything to gain by scaring the rest of us with rumours of ‘Globalists’ taking away our sovereignty?

I mean it, we need better words, better labels. Calling a Rabid Elitist an ‘Elitist’ doesn’t have the right kind of punch.

Do words like Fascist, Nazi, Communist- really mean anything? Are they carefully chosen ‘button words’ that can be used to shut your brain off and elicit the kind of reactions that they’ve carefully tested on groups of ‘the little people’?


(I keep hearing hidden agendae in the voices and word choices of news readers/ It’s harder to tell what’s going on while looking at the faces of television news people.)

—anyway, yes the world has gone crazy and yes it still gets worse-

Can we quote Bruce Cockburn here? “the trouble with normal is it always gets worse”?

—Have a nice day—


Local Political Cartoon

3:06 am Sunday, April 29, 2012. (-1˚C / +30˚F @ the Ottawa Airport)

A recent political cartoon in the Arnprior Chronicle-Guide/EMC (The two local freebie newspapers merged last winter) shows a guy on a telephone saying this: “I’ll stop believing that all politicians are dishonest when you stop believing that we’re all  stupid.”

— The whole world sometimes looks like a rabid political cartoon gone bad.

I’ve been listening to people on a radio talk show arguing over what the definitions of leftists vs rightists really are.

Were Soviet style ‘Communists’ really fascists pretending to believe that the people they were herding around were all created equal (to them?)

Do ‘Free Market’ types  have an agenda? What might that agenda be? “Let the bankers rule the world and manipulate everybody into debt so they can call all the shots”?

Have the definitions of all types and forms of economics, governments and philosophies been put through a double speak grinder? Like a meat grinder that spits out b.s. where nineteen eighty-four type double speak rules? Love is Hate? War is Peace? Peace is Hell?

Are all forms of government (at least all the ones we’re aware of?) necessarily psychotic?

Do we have to be out of our minds to allow anybody, elected or appointed or whatever…. tell us what to do?

—Hey- Let me know what you think….



Smart Chips Give Ya Cancer

9:15 pm — 25 April, 2012 ((42˚F / 6˚C and dark in Arnprior))

** Katherine Albrecht** ((@ and has been telling us this for years: The “Smart” R.F.ID ((Radio Frequency ID)) chips being injected under the skin of our pets, which are mandatory in many places, and politically brow beaten on caring pet owners in many more places (“Don’t you love your pet?”) are causing Cancer, and lots of people know this.

===== Here’s a preliminary bad score card on “Smart” stuff:

Smart Phones: The microwave broadcasts are cooking your brain. You’re better off texting than talking into a smart phone. Hint, if you don’t want your private parts fried, don’t text with the smart phones in your lap.

Smart meters broadcast your private information to utility companies who can identify the make and model of everything you have plugged in on the circuit the smart meter is monitoring. They can then turn down or turn off many appliances from wherever they are. I heard that several senior citizens were killed in Texas during a heat wave when their local electric company turned down their electricity to the point where it shut off their air conditioning and basically cooked the home bound in their own homes. The Utility’s defense? “It’s the middle of the day, what are they doing home?” (— I haven’t had time to check this out yet.)

Smart chips on ATM cards and Credit cards (see implied link to Katherine Albrecht above) can be intercepted by people with the wrong technological gadgets way too easily. They can read your personal data. They can activate your smart cards and get information on what cards you are carrying. They can use this information to track your cell phones, know where you are, which way you’re going and how fast- & possibly, how much cash you’re carrying with you.

“Smart Food” ? processed food interferes with your ability to perform sexually. It also messes up loads of normal human bodily processes, IS dumbing you down and making you sick. Genetically Modified Food is even worse. I hear people saying that they believe G.M.O.s were designed to kill off enough people to make the survivors a small enough group so the ‘puppet master’ types who want to rule the world will be able to ‘handle’ the entire population of Earth with no resistance. They also believe that chemicals in processed/modified food is making everybody docile and ready to be herded mindlessly around by the puppet masters. (I’ll give credit to this story a little later. I’m really rushed and have very little time here. Hmmmm- is than another side effect of processed food? -Along with anxiety, a sense that it’s hopeless to resist? A sense that we don’t have time to check into the things that we need to?? Gaaaaa-)

—More later,


Wow, Local Politix Aside- Loads of Traffic lately

+ At 2:23 pm 25 April, 2012 (47˚F/8˚C and overcast in Arnprior with a good chance of rain…)

After months of zero activity here, we’ve had 3,206 hits so far today, 1,465 yesterday and 693 on Monday. And no- it has nothing to do with local politics. (Even if 6 of 10 members of the town council were wearing Sens jerseys to support the Ottawa Senators in their bid to close out the first round of Stanley Cup playoffs on Monday…) It’s over a comment that somebody made and somebody else challenged about an American C.I.A. airplane going down with 4 tonnes of cocaine aboard.

All Politics is local and all news is universal?

Our psychic friends tell us that anybody trying to keep explosive (political or ‘other’) secrets will be ‘outed’ by history and public awareness as everybody seems to be waking up and pulling the wool away from their eyes.

If the big bad string pullers tighten their hold on the truth, well, like Princess Leia told Darth Vader and Governor whatsisname, -“The tighter you clench your fist, the more the truth will slip through your fingers…”- or something like that.


Looks Like I Have to write something to get the poll down the page a bit…

Good Morning.

How are you doing?

I had to sit for an hour listening to a hospital administrator and an Echo Cardio Gram technician arguing over whether scheduled patients should be forced to phone and explain they’ll be late if it looks like they’d be more than 15 minutes late. The really weird part is they were both arguing the same side of the issue.

But I had to sit there and twiddle my thumbs for 50 minutes past my appointment time because somebody was upset that he or she had to wait 15 minutes for a patient who wasn’t on time.

When I got in the room, I really liked the technician, who had one of the friendliest, most professional demeanors I had ever seen.

And Hey- This is Canada. We get health care that doesn’t kill us or drain us of every last penny we have or might ever make, (Yet….?)



Poll: Who are the Real Terrorists lurking under your bed at night?

(This is unscientific, just to see what kind of results we might get-)


1984 type doublespeak and Ethics legislation

“Love is Hate”, “War is Peace”, “Immoral Legislation is ‘Ethics’?”

———I have no idea what the name or number of the Ethics bill that I think the Harper Government is still trying to stuff down our throats, but the bill that is touted as something to protect people from unethical practices and/or employees of the government being required to campaign for their partisan bosses/ MPs, Ministers or whatever… Has this nasty little surprise inside:

———They want to make it illegal for any federal employee to say anything that might be interpreted as ‘against the government’. (truthful or not.)

———( The Nazi-fication of North America is not confined to the south side of the border.)

—————Jim (who usually tries very hard to remain objective here.)