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Gas Prices Update

To quote top Exxon officials: “There is no gas shortage, There never was a gas shortage, and from what we know now, there never will be a gas shortage!”

This planet and many others manufacture oil by some process we don’t yet understand. There are more oil reserves now than ever before and consumption has more than doubled since 1973.

And in 1973 many many huge tankers full of crude oil stayed off shore of New England until they were declared “New Oil” and could be sold for $30 a barrel instead of $3 a barrel. Oil company officials were running all around the state of Connecticut, looking for closed gas stations, any place they could find to hide as much gasoline as possible so they could free up their tankers to go get more. Gasoline trucks were meeting drivers in New York State (the Ithaca area) in the middle of the night to fill their gas tanks so they could deliver whatever they were delivering. The above two examples are just what I am personally aware of.


Gas prices in Arnprior:

As of Thursday Morning, 29 April, 2010, 7 am:

After at least two stations (Ultramar and Mr Gas) tried to raise their price to over 98 ¢ per litre, prices have rolled back to 96.3¢ at most stations with MacEwen (+ethanol) at 97.5¢ and Petro Canada at 96.5¢ per litre.

I haven’t driven the extra half a kilometer to check out the Stinson station with the car wash (which is usually the most expensive in town) or the extra 6 kilometers ((3 each way)) to the other side of the highway to see how the Stinson station there and the Ultramar at the truck stop are doing.)