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Smart Meters are Dangerous to Your Health.

Dirty Electricity Image

Dirty Electricity image from Dr Milham’s site.

Dr. Sam Milham became alarmed about microwave radiation and illnesses caused or aggrivated by electric currents and electro-magnetic fields.

He wrote a book based on his findings.

Also: Smart Meters are doubly or triply dangerous because they are microwave transmitters and they are “hackable”. People with malicious intent can hack these meters and control your electricity, maybe even turn vital electric equipment inside your home on or off. (Think of people with medical problems whose lives depend on electric appliances.)

“You wouldn’t put your head inside a microwave oven and turn it on if you could- why would you want to stick a microwave transmitter (a cell phone) next to your head and fry your brain that way, or even worse- put ear buds inside your ears and send the brain frying microwaves through your brain from inside your skull- and  now they’ve put very strong microwave trainsmitters on the side of your home in the form of ‘Smart Meters’. People are reporting sleep disorders, heightened irritability- inability to concentrate, and many other medical problems since Smart Meters have been installed in their neighbourhoods. Men who carry their cell phones in their pants pockets are developing lowered sperm counts and this may even contribute to sexual dysfunction.”

The Doctor’s web site (where the book is available) is at: