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Another Day Closer to Spring

-Monday, 08 March, 2010. 8˚C @ 3:00 pm.

Ducks gathered on the Madawaska River, North of the Weir.

This photo was taken by Cathi Harris a couple days ago. She caught the ducks landing on the water. Snow is melting. I wish I could say hearts were melting too. I heard a politician giving a speech this afternoon. He was stumbling over the phrase “The Great Recession” that I believe he was trying to use, maybe to coin, for the financial mess the media have been trying to convince us we’re in the middle of. I heard somebody else explain that this is an attempt to manipulate millions of people into a panic so a few unscrupulous people who want to rule them can take action toward that end. Anyway, the politician stumbled over the words and it sounded like “the great reception” and then my brain went to work and called it “The Great Deception.” Wouldn’t it be nice if that description sticks and we throw the bumbs out and start again with a nice clean slate?


Gas Prices Update

Monday, 08 March, 2010. -2C @ 9:00 am:

Full Service:

  • Stinson (+Car Wash, Madawaska Blvd near PJ’s) 97.5 ¢ per litre.
  • McEwen (+ Ethanol, Madawaska Blvd, Near Tim Hortons’s) 96.9 ¢

Self Service:

  • Petro Canada (Daniel Street/White Lake ?) 95.9 ¢
  • Everybody else: 95.7 ¢

Heading Toward Ottawa:

  • Prices have gone above a Dollar Per Litre


Sunday Sights About Town

-Sunday, 07 March, 2010:

Dog Sign Photo

It's Dog Walking Season in Arnprior. This is Madawaska Street, Town Hall to the right.

I was zooming into the studio to check on things. When I pulled over to the curb to park I saw this long line of people, single file, walking their dogs across Madawaska Street, from the corner with Macs all night convenience store toward a pizza parlor. I thought, “How cool is that?” and dug out my camera, but I couldn’t get set up in time.

Then I climbed out of the vehicle and almost stepped into, well, the cute line of you know what photographed above.

Do you think the dogs or the people are making a statement by leaving this curiously spaced string of stuff at the Town Hall?



Gas Prices Update

Wednesday, 03 March, 2010; midnight:

Most stations in Arnprior have now adjusted themselves into the 95.7 ¢ column. Petro Canada and McEwen are at 95.9 ¢. I haven’t zoomed past the Stinson Car Wash today.


Interesting Quote from the States.

“The current financial crisis here is not a problem with the economy. It is entirely political. It is all about powerful individuals with a definite agenda attempting to manipulate millions of people into a position of powerlessness so they can be more easily controlled. Their agenda has nothing to do with guaranteeing the freedom and comfort of the U.S. citizenry. It is all about power and greed and the lengths that unscrupulous individuals will go to to line their own pockets at the expense of anyone and everyone around them.”

(I think the person being quoted is Catherine Austin Fitts (Link), but I want to be good and sure before I assign the credit or blame for this one.)

—————Jim (not the person being quoted)

A Little More Spring Like

-Tuesday, 02 March, 2010:

Madawaska River, Noon, March 2, 2010

Looking East across the Madawaska River just north of the weir.

The thermometer that appeared magically after my van was last serviced said it got up to +4˚C today (about 40˚F?)

The sun was bright and it looks like we might actually get a springtime this year. (Should we be surprised? No- but it helps?)


Gasoline Price Changes

-02 March, 2010; Midnight:

Self Service Stations:

  • Canadian Tire: Daniel Street: 95.7 ¢ per litre.
  • Ultramar: Madawaska Bkvd: 95.7 ¢.
  • Mr Gas: (2 pm-ish) 95.7 ¢

(only changes seen so far. Most other stations at 96.7 / 96.9 for Petro Canada & McEwen / 97.5 Stinson Car Wash.)

Remember there never has been an honest gas shortage, & froom what we know now, there never will be one. People are discovering abundant pockets of oil beneath their Texas property, Oil companies swoop in, get them to sign exclusive contracts. Oil wells are dug, capped and left “Until it makes sense for us to bring it in and distill it.